David Martin – Ascension! – An Uncomfortable Truth For Empaths – 10-9-15Ascension,

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David Martin  –   Ascension!    –   An Uncomfortable Truth For Empaths   –   10-9-15


OK this could possibly be the game changer for many empaths on their ascension process. Whether through loyalty or previously agreed contract there is a trait within empaths to put themselves last. Not only is this a disservice to yourselves but also to the ascension process in general. This doesn’t mean that you neglect or abandon any allegiance! You just need to factor in your needs as a balance to the needs and desires of others. In truth if you are a true empath you are programmed  to put the desires and needs of others first even if you know your own life force will diminish. Now! This is where your alignment to all that is good and true steps into your full power. By honouring and respecting your needs and realising it does not take…

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