Wake up Call – St. Germain via Nancy Tate – by Rose Rambles .org – 10-26-15

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by Rose Rambles .org   –   10-26-15


This is a bit more informatison regading Mike Quincey’s decision to stop channelling SaLuSa, from Sirius. So many of us are now reaching elevated states of consciousness, or multi-consciousness, that “traditional” channellings are no longer the viable information source they once were.  Please read on below, and…



Wake up Call  –   St. Germain  via  Nancy Tate

I would like to add something to the news of Mike Quinsey and his move to stop channeling. There will come a time when it will not be considered channeling by anyone because it will be speaking what one knows is the truth and sharing it with anyone who cares to read, or hear it.

There is coming that time for so many who are now channeling. They will realize that what they are bringing through is from their own inner knowing. It…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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