20th of September 2015

20th of September 2015

What is really going on in my life now?
Things are happening in my body but I do not know really what they are..I just feel the changes..but I am not sure if I am changing with these changes..it is hard to tell without mirrors.

How did I feel this morning when I walked early? I felt light and joyful and each time the thoughts went a different direction then what was actually happening I moved myself back into THE NOW WHAT I actually was doing walking and breathing in good fragrance and good air from the sea.

The shopping felt good too compared to last week less stressful and the carbide back was nice and the driver was so helpful.

But am I part of the major shift I wonder?

What are these dates the 28th and all other dates doing for me?

Where am I with myself?

Am I part of the major shift ?

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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