NEW EARTH MANIFESTING – The Event is Around the Corner – New Earth Meditation by Sananda – 8-15-15

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We of Sananda’s Eagles and Project: Eagle Triad 
honor & welcome you with open Starcraft Hatches! 
To begin your Ground Crew Mission today, please 
make contact: janisel(((at))) 



New Earth Meditation 

Lord Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Sananda)

channeled Through Rev. Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles and Project: Eagle Triad

As you quiet your mind and your physical body, breathe deeply, and go to that space within your own heart… that space of quiet and calm, that inner chamber where True Love does abide. 

As you rest within the silence, free yourself from the thoughts of your daily activities and turn within to communion with Me. 

I want you to go with me to the Christ Consciousness Grid, from where we shall look down upon the New Earth which is being prepared for you. 

In your mind’s eye, I want you to see the Earth…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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