All About The Afterlife – by – Gregg Prescott, M.S. – 7-29-15

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The following is a fascinating excerpt of what to expect in the afterlife.

• Generally, once a spirit has crossed over into heaven, it is met by loved ones, goes through a life review, and then moves to its spirit home.

• Your spirit home is where you are as a form of spirit energy, living with other spirit energies of the same consciousness, the same level of energy, and of the same like mind and thought that you carry as a spirit. You are a form of energy that interacts with other energies within your spirit home, but not all the time, and often you are in your spirit home with your own spirit guides.

• After you have been transformed from human to spirit you begin to more and more expand your energies, more into your spirit life than into what your human life was. Energies…

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