ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Michael Love – FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION – WAVE X EVENT HORIZON – Earth Impact in late September 2015 – Your World is about to Change in a Profound Way over the Next Two Months as a powerful Wave of Gamma Light coming from the Galactic Core, the Pleroma, impacts Earth and its Beings! – Multiple Celestial Events – 7-27-15

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL   –   First Wave Of Ascension   –   Wave X Event Horizon   –  

Earth Impact in Late September 2015   –   7-27-15

Dear ones,
Your world is about to change in a profound way over the next two months as a powerful wave of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core, (The Pleroma) impacts Earth and its beings!
It’s important to note that we are already well inside this cosmic gamma blast referred to as WAVE-X and many of you have been feeling this energetic increase that will continue in intensity everyday until September 28th, 2015.
This great point in humanity’s evolution is known as “THE EVENT HORIZON”.
September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.
Will anyone actually ascend on this date? Yes! Any light being who is already vibrating close…

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