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Higher Density Blog | Love Is Always The Answer.


Lilou Mace

Our lives are supposed to be resplendent, radiant, and glorious. Instead, what most of us experience is a life filled with struggle, conflict, and illness. Relationshifting creates a bridge to a new life based upon Dr. Angela Longo’s more than forty years of clinical experience. Dr. Longo offers an overview of the eight bottom lines”, which she defines as the eight major ways in which we block the flow of positive energy into our lives. She explains how to shift that energy to resplendent living by relationshifting through quantum resplendency-a quantum way of living. The Relationshifting workbook includes explanations and exercises using the following tools: Heartwaving is an easy-to-use technique used to shift old, unproductive patterns to resplendency. Bathwaves are Longo’s self-created energy patterns based upon her beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, habits, words, actions, values, and emotions. Love Letters are messages she sends to herself to guide her to living resplendency. Triunity shows her she is actually three beings in one-promoting understanding of her larger persona. Eternalbeing indicates the larger, unique purpose of her life. Muscle testing helps to assess her perceptions and patterns. Shifting the Eight Bottom Lines, the eight judgments that keep her from changing her Bathwaves to living resplendency. Relationshifting demonstrates the fact that when you are living in the resplendent way, life is EEEZY-an eternal, emergent, entanglement as a zestful you”.

Angela Longo’s book:
Relationshifting: Tools for Living Quantum Resplendency: The Eeezy Mirror-Call Workbook: Emergent, Entanglement, Eternal, Zestful You

Dr. Angela Longo received her doctorate in biochemistry from the University of California-Berkeley and her traditional training in Chinese medicine from Dr. Lam Kong, a teacher with a legacy of ten generations in Chinese Medicine. She has forty years of experience as a licensed practitioner and thirty-five years of experience as a teacher; she brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice of traditional Chinese medicine. She currently lives in Hawaii.

For more video on Lilou Mace TV visit http://www.LilouMace.com
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