Iréne Alomar ~ 26th of Febr 2015

26th of Febr 2015

may all days be happy days,

joyous days,

colorful days,

fun days,

loving days,

radiant days,

dancing days,

singing days,

smiling days,

playful days

full of harmony days,

full of laughter days,

full of kind gestures days,

and good exchange days,

and generous days,

would that not be so so nice?

Wise Navigation of March Energies > Selacia

With March and its wild energy ride just around the corner, consider preparing now with these insights about what’s in store and how you can shift personal outcomes in positive ways. Foresight and advance planning can make all the difference – helping you to take advantage of opportunities for a brand-new start and to avoid reaction to surprises and crisis.

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Shake It Off > Dana Mrkich

It is very easy to write ‘don’t let other people’s thoughts and opinions influence you or define you‘ – it’s a really common phrase and I’m sure I’ve written it plenty of times myself. However, let’s be real: it is one thing to write it or be inspired by it, and another thing entirely to learn to actually be that way.

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The Oracle Report


Thursday, February 26, 2015

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The Oracle Report.

▶ “The Art of Aligning Body & Soul” Marianne Williamson at Wanderlust’s Speakeasy – YouTube

▶ “The Art of Aligning Body & Soul” Marianne Williamson at Wanderlust’s Speakeasy – YouTube.


Published on Apr 1, 2013

How do you take your yoga with you when you leave the mat? Marriane Williamson helps us explore our spiritual relationship with yoga and meditation as they affect us both internally and externally, and how they can ultimately create a collective understanding, shaping us into compassionate global citizens.

REPOST – All Lightworker Souls will be in an internal process to align with Mother’s Earth’s Activated Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration – (Time Period of Feb 17 – March 19, 2015) – 2-25-15

Higher Density Blog


During the Time Period of February 17, 2015 through March 19, 2015, all Lightworker Souls will be in an internal process to align with Mother’s Earth’s Activated Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration.
The process may become demanding for you, dear Ones, as you will also be aligning with God Source to lead your Heart and Soul into the New Horizon!
The demand of your Time will not come from understanding and comprehending the specific details of your personalized role with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension, that part will come as both a Joy and a relief to finally know!
The demanding part will come with the decisions you, and actually all Souls, will need to make in order to align with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension of the Universe.
The internal process will concern a shift in priorities – shifting one’s priorities from man’s…

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Be Only Awareness

Source of Inspiration


I am awareness
not my body
nor fancy car
clever words
tale of woe

I am only awareness
timeless witness
free, serene
free of duality
at peace

I am not my mind
I am consciousness itself

Release personal identity
the need of “mine”
Be awareness alone
one with All That Is

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Brian Ramsell – How Far Am I Willing to Let Go? – 2-24-15

Higher Density Blog

brian-rBrian Ramsel

I recently took up the invitation of the Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson to look unflinchingly at my thought patterns, fears, habits, and attachments, and to make a list of everything I’d be willing to let go of in order to experience more peace, love, and joy in my life. (1)

Without going into microscopic detail this time, I’ll just tell you the list was long.

The channeling invites us to consider everything that might not be serving us, even if we’re not yet sure if we need/want to let it go, knowing that anything that’s a beneficial part of our path will stay or return to us, and that we can’t lose anything of true value to our journey.

This gave me the green light to go crazy with the exercise, to write down everything I could think of that even might be holding me…

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Teal Swan – Self Love – Shortcut to Enlightenment | Higher Density Blog

Teal Swan – Self Love – Shortcut to Enlightenment | Higher Density Blog.

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst


❤ Teal’s web page:
❤ Teal’s Meditations:
❤ Teal’s eshop:

In this episode, Teal reveals a process for enlightenment. The process is called 365 days of self love.

When you ask “what would someone who loved themselves do?” allow your intuition to deliver the answer and then act on that answer, everything that is preventing you from living the exact life that you want to live will be exposed. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to face your demons. But it will allow you to face them in a way that ensures that you will not resist them, instead you will flow around them.

This commitment will be the “foundation” for your spiritual journey. Like a foundation, everything in your life should be built on top of this commitment.

Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

Iréne Alomar ~ 25 th of Febr 2015

25 th of Febr 2015

A very important message

From this day 25th of Febr 2015

no one can or shall or will be able to 

tell me

what to do 

what to say

what to think

what to write

how to dress

how to behave

when to travel

with whom to communicate

what my responsibilities are

whom I engage with

what I stand  for

What my dreams are

how I live and act.


I am in my sovereignty


I trust my intuition

I rely on my actions that come from pure SOURCE WHEN I AM CONNECTED FULLY

I AM I AM i Am 






sensitive to others ´feelings







Being Authentically You > Kara Schallock

While it may seem as though nothing is occurring, so much really is! We are integrating a lot and more and more folks are awakening and wondering, “What is going on? Everything is falling apart!” Well yes, everything must fall apart in order to build anew. We can’t just build a new structure on top of a garbage heap. We must let go of the garbage and begin to build who we are becoming. Here is an exercise for you, if you choose to take the time to do it:

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▶ Unity Breath Audio Meditation – YouTube

▶ Unity Breath Audio Meditation – YouTube.


Published on Jul 20, 2012

This is one of the most beautiful and important meditations on Earth, as it is the beginning of all indigenous sacred ceremonies and the beginning of all levels of ascension. This is the meditation of exactly how to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun from your heart.

Your Mission Now – Activate the Powerful Pillar of Golden Light > Shanta Gabriel

Activate the Pillar of Golden Light

You are being gifted waves of Divine Illumination within Golden Light. Your job is to direct these frequencies and empower your life in its flow!

Dear Ones,

The Archangels are here to initiate the power of awakening energy upon the Earth as the Golden Light flows throughout the world now. This Light of pure divinity contains all the elements of consciousness that are so desired by those living on the Earth such as Peace, Love, Joy, Creativity, Freedom and Abundance.

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The Oracle Report


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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The Oracle Report.

Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Body | Multidimensional Humanity

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Peter Borys-photo1About the Author

Peter Borys Jr is an author, visionary, multidimensional transformation guide, dimensional evolutionist, and consciousness and energy researcher.  Peter’s work communicates a new vision of transformation, evolution, and ascension to a multidimensional cosmic humanity of the true self in Divine unity.

The mission of Peter Borys Jr is to guide and support human awakening, transformation, evolution, and ascension to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness on Earth.  He is the author of “Transforming Heart and Mind: Learning From the Mystics (Paulist Press, 2006), “Unity of the Heart: Transforming Consciousness to an Enlightened Humanity (Mill City Press, 2008), and “Dimensional Evolution: Uniting Cosmic Earth Consciousness with a New Divine Humanity (forthcoming).

Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Body

Throughout the thousands of years that humanity has been experiencing life in a dualistic 3D consciousness on Earth, many traditions have sought to open human consciousness to our true Divine awareness.  All of these traditions within religion, esotericism, metaphysics, and spirituality, etc. have developed a certain way of accessing higher consciousness while in the physical body.

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Energy Current-See: Alchemical Light Party

A New Dawn Arising Blog Posts- Energy Forecasts

dance party

There is a boost of supporting dynamics, allowing for an accelerated opportunity to transform many of the unconscious patterns within, via the alchemy of the Light “I AM.”

As they surface, we have two choices:

1)  Push them away, curse at them and continue to deny them


2)  Welcome them to give rise for transformation and Expansion

When we get a glimpse of these unconscious patterns, It is helpful to recognize, that all is serving us, always.  The more able we are to welcome these unconscious patterns into our awareness and to recognize that what is being presented, is always serving us, the easier it becomes to transform them.

When these patterns arise,  if we deLIGHTfully invite them into our awareness, such as,  “Awe… look at that… I wonder how this is serving me and what Ah-ha(s) and gems I can mine from this?!,”  and allow it to serve us, there is always a gift awaiting…

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Energy Current-See: Relax into Knowing

A New Dawn Arising Blog Posts- Energy Forecasts


***Art by Vladimir Kush

Release from the temptation and habits of the mind that try to “make sense” of things right now in the typical linear left-brained fashion.

We are actually being offered a period of rest from the sometimes intense portal and gate openings and alignments.  Let’s enjoy it!

We have become so used to there being one thing after another, and have gotten used to the intensities and shifts… now is a time for rest and to practice the Art of Relaxation.

Even the best musical compilations have moments of rest… and so must we rest our instrument 😉

We are being shifted and expanded into greater KNOWING that supersedes the old habitual ways of concluding, equating and “making sense of.”  A new way of “processing.” Allow for this transformation by relaxing into it.  No analyzing necessary.  Allow for this part of the transformation to be easy…yay!

We are to…

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Buddha Dream



 Buddha Dreamer

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your

love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You

yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.


❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸

The top artist is amazing

Yuliya Glavnaya

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Stargate Messages Abound! – by Cynthia – – 2-23-15

Higher Density Blog

earth risingCynthia   –   Rose Rambles .org

Wow, I AM excited! many, many in the spiritual community are feeling something different, and…as for me, I AM having an easier time of feeling centered and happy today for no apparent reason. Very nice!

Does this have anything to do with a pethora of “Stargate” messages, cause I’ve just found a quite a few that are listed here. Wonder what this all means? So…please read on, draw your own conclusion from these messages, and…


The Avatar Mother Center is now activating the Ascension Stargate for the completion of ascension for those who are prepared for their ascension to be fulfilled as Planetary/Galactic/Universal Ascended Masters of Creation within the Avatar Mother Universal Living Creation Organism which is serving the new ascended living creation and civilization of universal destiny and fulfillment.

 The Ascension Stargate is available when one has become sufficiently prepared by integrating one’s 

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roseramblesdotorg – AN UPDATE – This Time Period, between now and the Spring Equinox, will see the Final Dissolution of Non-compatible Energies – 2-23-15

Higher Density Blog

seablueOh My Gosh! Finally…someone comes forward with an anticipated time by which the higher vibrational rates of mankind will cause a lasting and positive change for mankind with love and positive thoughts abounding, with enormous abundance for all, and the release of new technologies designed to offer clean and effortless living…and eating…for all!

If you read spiritual news, you will see many are gearing up (feeling) positive change is happening quite soon. No one knows when “the blink of an eye” will happen, but we sure can be certain of what must take place before then, and those changes are occurring NOW folks. This is why Cobra and many others are calling for human action…on the spiritual plane.

So…take a deep breath, read this article and recognise how you feel, and…



So much has happened in recent days that it has been all but impossible to process…

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Master Kuthumi via Méline Portia Lafont – Stepping into your New Roles – Being the Creator of Your World – 2-23-15

Higher Density Blog

Meline Lafont 23Meline Portia Lafont


Greetings Master Beings of Light, my fellow travelers and riders of the waves of infinity. I come to you with peace and with guidance to what comes and what IS. I call you all forth to participate in this world and this shift of the ages with perseverance and with effort, for what your plane is about to see is a mirage of changes, events and opportunities to shift the Human consciousness into Light consciousness.

And so you represent, each and everyone of you, this force of God’s Will being the executers of the Divine blueprint that has been seeded upon this Earth. You shall keep in mind that all of you, who are to see the light in another and in the Self, are keepers of the New Earth and are the seeds of this new foundation. So let this be clear that all…

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▶ “Bridging” Interview with Ellen, Daphne and Yasmin – YouTube

▶ “Bridging” Interview with Ellen, Daphne and Yasmin – YouTube.





Published on Oct 25, 2014

Ellen Watson:

Ellen, who also was an honored guest on Bridging Show # 289 (to watch this wondrous Bridging Show, please go to: ), is celebrating her 30th year on staff at the Esalen Institute, where she studies, practices, and teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice. A licensed minister, Ellen believes that the core of all healing begins in the realm of the heart and the Spirit. Among her great pleasures is opening the door for people to dance, to sing and play and pray, to touch and be touched. She is passionate about spreading the good news about how waking up can heal and transform the mind, body and soul. Ellen is a teacher of Esalen® Massage, Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms™, Holotropic™ Breathwork, SpiritDance, The Art of Essential Touch, and Your Body is a Musical Instrument. From 1984 through 2003, Ellen developed and administered the Movement Arts Program at Esalen. In 1996, she founded MovingVentures™ School, a 501c3 non-profit, education organization, whose mission is education in the somatic arts, focusing on women and men in developing countries, and the southern USA. MovingVentures™ faculty offer workshops, retreats, and trainings at Esalen, in Bali, and at other inspiring locations around the globe. Esalen®Massage is a unique form of bodywork developed over the past forty-five years. Known for its long, integrating strokes that create an experience of deep relaxation, the Esalen® Massage approach supports the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal. Massage study is complemented by daily meditation, yoga, dance, and other movement disciplines, giving participants the experience of aliveness and flowing presence central to Esalen® Massage. This process of self-exploration is key to grounding the teaching in embodied experience. In so doing, what might simply be a technique is transformed into a healing art. Whether your intent is to explore a change of career, deepen your knowledge of bodywork, or to spend time on a journey of self-exploration and transformation, the skills and knowledge gained may last a lifetime.

Ellen’s website is:

Daphne Tse:

Daphne enjoys exploring all aspects of Art from music to painting to photography & writing. Originally from Texas, she started singing at a young age and explored different genres of music through her college years. After graduation from university, she relocated to Los Angeles and was inspired after listening to Shawn Colvin’s “Live ’88″ album to pick up a guitar and start writing songs.

Since her initial yoga class almost 15 years ago, she has merged her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk singer/songwriter style. She studied music at The University of Texas at Austin, The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and kirtan music with Jai Uttal and Daniel Paul in Guatemala. She has traveled extensively sharing her music in Europe, North America, Central America, Asia and beyond.

She has released music on Shiva Rea’s yoga music compilations, Jala and Nataraja. Her recent solo EP, Mata, was released in 2008. She is currently traveling and being inspired to write songs for her new album.

Daphne’s website is:

Yasmin Muridan:

Yasmin is 27 years old, was born in Java, and has lived in Bali-Indonesia for the last 13 years. She moved away from home at the age of 14, and started to work from an early age until a man named Michael Wustner saw great healing potential in her. He encouraged her to continue her education, and he became Yasmin’s foster father.

After Yasmin graduated from Senior high school, she was asked by the Bumi Sehat Foundation ( to volunteer in Aceh following the tsunami in 2004. She spent the next 3 years in the area and another year in Bumi Sehat Bali. Yasmin has since continued to learn under Moving Ventures School and Production ( to this day. In her spare time, she volunteers for local NGO’s in Bali, focused towards educating children, mothers and farmers.Yasmin’s website is:

Bridging’s YouTube Channel is:

Bridging’s website is:

The Sirius Transmission and the Multi-Dimensional Light Body Upgrade > Starchild Global

Star Seed Transmissions 2015

February has been a most intense month in terms of Energy shifts and transformations.  This seems to be a new pattern, as February 2014 was also intense and powerful. This year the energy has intensified through this month, culminating on the 22nd of February 2015. This has not been a Solar phenomenon alone, although the Sun has been in the process of activating a new Light Body structure as well, but the primary source of these transmissions is the Star system of Sirius.

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Through the Third Gate of the Matrix into its Core > Magenta Pixie

Through the Third Gate of the Matrix into its Core > Magenta Pixie.

Through the Third Gate of the Matrix into its Core (Neon Light into the Pineal Gland)

When one stands within the central core of the matrix one perceives the energetic blueprints underlying all and everything.

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.

Music by Kevin Macleod of “Incomputech”
Images by Stock Xchng

Channelled and recorded by Magenta Pixie

Video created and Edited by Magenta Pixie

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