Triple Water Astrology – The Critical Degree! Weekly Horoscope – Week Starting Friday, February 27, 2015


moon goddess A3 final water

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The struggle between Mars at home in the fiery Aries sign and Neptune in dominion in the diffuse, watery Pisces sign continues, and in fact intensifies this week. Those who can find a way to use the energies productively (think “energetic creativity”, “assertive spirituality”, “passionate imagination”) should be able to navigate the clash between Mars and Neptune well. Sun and Pluto form the base of a strong yod pointing to Jupiter by the end of the week, indicating that conscious transformation can bring abundance, if a person can find a way to do so. The emphasis on Jupiter at the end of the week also couples well with Neptune’s influence, indicating more focuson spirituality and seeking higher truth and wisdom. Given Jupiter’s trine to Mars this week, perhaps Jupiter is acting as a mediator helping to resolve Mars’ rash resistance with Neptune’s diffuse…

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