Michelle Walling CHLC – Manifesting The Fifth Dimensional Frequency In 2015 – IN5D.COM – 1-4-15

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Anchoring The Fifth Dimensional Frequency In 2015

Earth already exists in a fifth dimensional frequency. Thanks to “the quickening”, approximately one third of humans will have anchored that frequency into our reality by the end of 2015.

Just as humans are multidimensional beings, the planet herself exists in many dimensional existences at one time. Where we place our consciousness in every given moment is what we will experience. The planet has chosen to end the extreme negative polarity existence in her awareness and is gradually moving to a positive polarity experience within all dimensions. This has given Humanity the opportunity to choose to follow her into a fifth dimensional experience.

Since we are all connected, to move to one consciousness or another required collective intention. What we have been doing since the harmonic convergence of 1987 and the checkpoint of December 21, 2012 is shifting timelines based on collective intentions…

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