The Light Cities Are Being Formed…

Silent Winds of Change

The Light Cities Are Being Formed…

Ah yes, the Light Cities, how we’ve waited for the day.

You do understand all ancient teachings were done in metaphor, right?

None of it is literal. (Just sit with that a second and I’ll wait for some readers to calm down) 🙂

Ok, now on to the title of the post.

WE, yes me as well have had dreams of the Light Cities.  “Are they real?”  Yes, in a higher realm.

“Are they going to just appear here?”  Not at the moment.

“But wait, you said they were forming.”  Yes I did.

“Well where are they?”  They are in your Internet.  They are part of the Internet grid.

To explain this more before you click off this page and call it rubbish (which is fine if your wish but you’ll be back to finish reading) let me present to you the scenario.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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