The NVisible: Solara & the 11:11


September is a powerful month of completion, consolidation and harvest. We are still zooming along a super accelerated Fast Track in a state of non-stop action and we are still dealing with a multitude of ever changing situations and details. We’re constantly challenged to take multi-tasking to Off the Map levels. The surf has been so extremely choppy that we are learning that there’s a flow within the choppiness.

Throughout September, we are literally propelled into taking action to change our lives, whether we like it or not. We will be chased out of our comfort zones and thrust into unknown territory. Many elements will either move closer to their True Position or click right into it.

For the past few years, it has felt as if we’ve been passing through a Black Hole in which everything that is expired, superficial or untrue is being forcibly stripped off of us. It’s like being tossed around inside a rock tumbler which has been knocking off all our rough bits until we emerged with a renewed clarity of purpose. Everything that still set off our internal triggers was more grist for the mill that polished our stone.

Many of us are now nearing the central vortex of the Black Hole. All that remains is stripped down, authenticity. Soon we will be thrust out into the other side into a completely new reality. This is when all the reconfigured layers of our new beings will spiral back onto us. New ways of being. New priorities. New True Purpose. Living in our True Homes in our True Positions.

Everyone has a True Position. Some have more than one True Position and have important things to do in each of them. During this time, when the world of duality is collapsing all around us, it is essential that we align with our True Position as quickly as possible. This is not only the place where we feel comfortable and safe, but our True Positions are where we can fulfill our True Purpose.

Many of us have had a lifelong yearning to return “Home”. For much of our life we thought that Home was somewhere else, perhaps in another world. But now, everything has changed. Not only are we in the final miles of duality, but we are now realizing that we don’t have to leave this planet in order to go Home; we can create our True Home here on Earth.

Our True Positions are the places where we can find our True Homes. Our True Homes aren’t found in a location other than our True Position. Not everyone needs to live in their True Homes right now, but we all need to be in our True Positions.

Our True Home is not just a comfortable, familiar place to live, but represents a totally new level of awareness. They are the places of true beingness where we can fully live True Lives as True Ones. True Homes are located in the New Landscape and are the anchor points of the New Paradigm. They are islands of the Ultra Greater Reality set into the dying world of duality like shining jewels that will stabilize the imminent flip over of reality systems.

There’s also a strong element of completion in September, the completion of things that have really challenged us and consumed a lot of our energy. This brings us a bountiful harvest of our accumulated efforts as we reap what we’ve so diligently planted in our lives. Many individual and collective efforts are culminating in September or early October, such as the completion of a major project, moving to our True Homes or making major internal or external decisions that align us with our True Position.

September is another month of moving rapidly and deeply into the New Landscape. Throughout the month, our beings will continue to expand and deepen and our clarity will become ever stronger. We will continue to manifest our inner Trueness into decisive outer Action. Our commitment to getting into our True Positions will strengthen and it will become increasingly easier to maintain a clear perspective of what is real and true.

As we increasingly live our inner Trueness and cleanly express it in our outer actions, the New Landscape begins to impermeate the old landscape. This is happening slowly, subtly and steadily. The New Landscape is becoming ever more visible all around us. The new energy comes sparkling through into our old landscape. Everywhere there are sparkles of the New and True. Our inner and outer environments are noticeably changing in every direction.

This is a small fragment of Solara’s complete SEPTEMBER 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

The NVisible: Solara & the 11:11.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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