Saul via John Smallman – Illusory Infrastructure Disintegrates – 9-1-14

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Saul Audio Blog for Monday September 1stAs many are telling you, humanity’s awakening or upliftment is very close indeed.  Keep holding your Light on high and make it happen, do not get drawn into the doom and gloom of world events because, as intended, this drains your energy and channels it to those who are desperately struggling to block out the Light of God’s Love.  That they cannot do, It is all-pervasive, It is bringing Light to the darkest nooks and crannies where there are still a few seemingly powerful unloving ones attempting to hide and rebuild what has irretrievably collapsed.

The dark is undone, it cannot withstand the brilliance of the Light that is pouring into every part of the illusion and dissolving it from within.  Many individuals are still resisting the Light because that is what they are accustomed to doing, but their efforts are futile because…

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The Ultimate Meaning Of Liberation

Sri Aurobindo Studies

When we reflect upon the experience of liberation described as the ultimate goal of our spiritual seeking, the terms “peace”, “oneness”, “love”, “knowledge” tend to come up. ri Aurobindo provides us a comprehensive overview of the status of liberation:

“…when we enter into that inmost self of our existence, we come to know that in us and in all is the one Spirit and Godhead whom all Nature serves and manifests and we ourselves are soul of this Soul, spirit of this Spirit, our body his delegated image, our life a movement of the rhythm of his life, our mind a sheath of his consciousness, our senses his instruments, our emotions and sensations the seekings of his delight of being, our actions a means of his purpose, our freedom only a shadow, suggestion or glimpse while we are ignorant, but when we know him and ourselves a prolongation and effective…

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Preston Smiles – Community is the New Currency | Higher Density Blog

Preston Smiles – Community is the New Currency | Higher Density Blog.



The exchange of energy is the only thing that is real. The material world is an illusion. Love is the most precious commodity – it is the energy with the highest value. But it is not something to be hoarding, it is something to be given away as often and as much as possible. To the degree we give it away, it grows. Preston Smiles, from The Love Mob, joins Barnet and Freeman for an inspiring look at exchanging love to build a reliable community with an evolved system of exchange.

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Laura Bruno – Does Planet Earth Need Humans? – 9-1-14

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laura-of-the-rocksJulian Rose sent me an article today, called, “Why Humanity Must Come Through,” which you can read below. The article touched a cord with me, as he expected it might — although perhaps not quite in the way he imagined it would. I’ve included my own response to him, followed by his article, both for your own consideration. I don’t claim to have all the answers here, but I do know what I’ve observed, including Julian’s enormous heart. I suppose I just live in a bit more multi-dimensional world on a daily basis than most people. 😉

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September 2014 Energy Report > Uriel Heals

September ushers in the final four months of 2014 and whether you think the year has gone by quickly or slowly, we have all been part of a deliberate process of shifting the entire alignment of every aspect of the energy we live in and with. Michelangelo said that he recognized the figures in the marble he worked with and merely chipped away the excess marble to reveal them. We have been doing the same thing, removing layers of emotional debris from lifetimes of karma, soul wounds, contracts, commitments, disappointments, betrayals, sadness, pain, and fear, to reveal the love, joy, and beauty of our core selves.  It’s time to put some ‘divine into our vibe‘ and move from healing to wholeness, we do that by choosing our most powerful outcomes and then aligning with the energy that will make them possible.

For those interested in astrology, Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs (an aspect called mutual reception), Saturn in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, and Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This makes these planets’ energies and impact extra powerful, so the learning and transformation take on a whole new level of meaning and impact, which translates into a ‘DO IT NOW’ kind of learning experience. Has that been your experience of 2014 so far? It gets a little easier in September but only if we have the courage to press on. We’re almost where we want to be and exactly where we need to be for that to happen.

What has this year revealed in your life so far? If it has been a tough year for you, its because you may have arrived at the point of greatest unhappiness. Sometimes we have to get to that point before we can decide that we deserve to have something else. Our journey of transformation, evolution, and ascension is not linear or a forward movement, it’s often back and forth and sometimes we can go way back before we decide to that we have had enough. The way out of misery is through and then up, but so often we get lost in our struggles and stop focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

The challenging truth that we are all facing now is that we are the source of power that we’re seeking to make our dreams come true. And in  September we need to create a connection with that truth because it is what will pull us across the 4D bridge into the higher dimensions we have been catching glimpses of for the past few months. We know that they are out there, we just have to be willing to cross that bridge into the unknown territory of higher dimensions, without being afraid that we’ll be disappointed in the results.

Mars changes sign in  September, moving from Scorpio into  Sagittarius. In Scorpio it dredged the depths of our limiting beliefs, actions, and thoughts. In Sagittarius it can help us expand into our higher truth, as long as we are willing to believe it. Mars has been especially active this year, spending eight long months retrograding through Libra where we learned about balance, then it moved into Scorpio with an unrelenting focus on truth, alignment, and honesty, and now it’s moving into a more expansive space but don’t get too comfortable with that. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher as well as the zealot. Everything in moderation is a keyword for September.

We have long defined humanity’s struggle with life as trying to gain victory over our humanity. But that’s like fighting fire with fire. Our journey is about learning to move from healing to wholeness, from human beings into divine humans, from limitation into expansion, from fear into love, from judgment into acceptance, and that can only be done via an energetic re-alignment that include our divine aspects. We don’t have to be less human because our humanity includes the potential to integrate the highest energies and dimensions in the Universe. We have to be more wholly aligned with all of our energetic aspects and expand those to include our divinity. Divinity is about wholeness, not holiness.

We have been sowing the seeds for this all year and it is now possible in September. As we begin the month we have a chance to review where we have been so far, jettison our emotional and psychic baggage and start making our moves, beginning with intention and alignment.

Everything that is aligned with our lower vibes has to go so we can replace them with higher vibe alternatives.

What does that mean to you?

Look at where your life is limited, where you feel stuck, blocked, unhappy, or afraid.

Do you have the courage to change, even if you are not sure what that means or where it will lead you?

Are fear, lack, and limitation addictions or habits for you? If this is how everyone in your family lives, then they probably are. You can break those habits and addictions and learn to live from a more healed, whole, and fulfilled point but you’ll be the first, the pioneer, so you won’t have any idea of where that leads you. It takes courage to be the pioneer or to live in a higher vibration when you don’t know what that means for you or what results you will get but once you take a step towards the 4D bridge and get a glimpse of  higher dimensions and other ways of being, there is no turning back.

September’s keywords are transition, transformation, and re-alignment. Our movement potential is forward, when we are ready. It’s about timing now, not time, and timing refers to energy, alignment, resonance, frequency, vibration and our own internal readiness for transformation, with a focus on wholeness (not holiness) and a push to raise our vibes and create the human/divine partnership. Have a wonderful month.

September 2014 Energy Report > Uriel Heals.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha – YouTube

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha – YouTube.

AwakenTheWorldFilm AwakenTheWorldFilm 28,489 960,791 [Loading icon] Loading… Published on Oct 30, 2012 All 4 parts of the film can be found at Music from the film can be found at Sacred geometry posters and products can be found at: Your donations and purchases will help to support the “Awaken the World Initiative” so that future films can be released for free for the benefit of humanity. Continue reading “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha – YouTube”

Iréne Alomar ~ Hi there dear readers

Hi there  dear readers


Reading all sorts of articles looking at changes from different vantage points,I am trying to piece things together so it makes sense too me.




There are definitely influxes of energies into the Earth through solar flares etc.  At the same time, I myself need to do some clearing and cleansing in the way of going deeper into myself. I then discover issues that need to be resolved, or as Mooji says, return to the place of innocence.
By doing so we will take a step away from that reality of THE I and find THE REAL SELF which spontaneously acts in a pure way…either way we will raise our vibrations and align with Gaia and our own Soul.




So together we change many things and sometimes it does not feel “REAL “TO ME but trusting this will help.



So even though I see and feel some changes of greatness at times, when meeting people especially, it feels so unreal sometimes.



What I really feel is that people I meet are more caring.



People are also more open and speak more with each other.




Thank you for listening. It is so great for me to be able to express thoughts and feelings on  this blog.


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