Leadership vs. Tyranny – Energetic Synthesis

Our planet is evolving into a coalescence of collective race fields which create Group Consciousness and this is not a choice, it is a fact during the Ascension Cycle. This means we will need to become aware of what Group Consciousness means and how it impacts us in our day to day life, as well as every relationship we have on this planet.

In any type of organization or Group Consciousness it is extremely challenging to navigate in uncleared individual and group Negative Ego behaviors and determine what behaviors define as Leadership Vs. Tyranny. Negative Ego behaviors are usually entwined with low ethical conduct which damages building trust between people in order to communicate transparently and honestly about a variety of topics. In order to evolve and learn how to build basic Group Consciousness communication skills we each must develop commitment to hold accountability to our personal circumstances and the GSF Behaviors that each of us choose to demonstrate every day.

We have been confused to discern the qualities of Leadership and authoritative influence over others as defined by egocentric and alpha type of behaviors which lead to control orientation and tyrannical oppression. We all want to stay clear of feeding the tyrant as a leader or authority.When we are clearer to identify control-oriented authority and tyrannical authority based on the negative ego profiles shared here, we are more equipped to discern proper authority patterns when involved with any kind of leadership scenario. Wherever there is an organization or group, there will be some kind of stewardship or responsibility of authority to serve that organization. In the highest expression, we want to learn how to self-lead in a healthy and balanced way through the development of strong moral character and trustworthy traits, modeled through the community that we may observe or participate with. This way by learning self-mastery or leadership skills, one is building confidence in free thinking and free expression while embodying ethical conduct necessary to be spiritually sovereign. Otherwise we are mind controlled puppets playing out repeated archetypes of drama and like a hamster on a wheel, running in circles of karmic looping. I hope this is helpful now and in the future as we develop this skill of discerning trustworthiness in ourselves and others, as well as the prevention of feeding, rewarding and giving authoritative power in any way to narcissistic and psychopathic behavior.

This information is to help better discern the qualities of Leadership Vs. Tyranny in Group Consciousness or in any type or organizational structure.

Discerning Tyrants and Controllers

Tyranny is about the abuse of power over others through a variety of methods; deception, lying, manipulation,Mind Control, bullying and intimidation. Whether it’s a pushy person, a control freak, a bully, or an outright tyrant, the problem is the same: their goals are always more important than yours. A difficult, pushy person has gone too far again. They are bossing you around, acting selfish and self-important, threatening you, making demands, barking orders, and abusing their power. Control freaks, imperative people, and tyrants exercise power in a harsh, cruel, or destructive manner. They are oppressive, harsh, arbitrary people who make life difficult for too many of us. They are annoying, inconsiderate, and demeaning. What are they thinking? How can we respond constructively?

Caution: Control-oriented people as described here expect to control the people and events around them. Exposing or challenging their tactics could provoke their anger and result in severe and possibly dangerous retaliation. Expect to be a target of their backlash. Protect yourself and others who could become targets before challenging a control-oriented person.

Leaders Vs. Tyrants

Tyranny is no substitute for leadership and should never be confused with leadership.

 Note: Most of the Leader picks are not my personal preferences, however, for the sake of illustrating qualities more balanced than Hitler-esque methods, I left a few examples of persons in our recent history that had semblance of respecting human freedoms.

Healthy Self Control

It is certainly important for us to develop self control and awareness of ourselves and have discipline over our impulses in many aspects of our lives. Self-control is an important attribute of Spiritual Maturity, and an essential component of interconnection and feeling empathy for humanity and the planet. Achieving a healthy balance of self discipline and self control is an essential element of personal responsibility and accountability. Loss of self control leads to anxiety, unhappiness, anger, resentment, stress, feeling helpless, and even depression. Abdicating one’s personal power over self control, by acting powerless, and playing the Victim-Victimizer role playing, is irresponsible and self destructive.  One must honor human beings and life force in order to achieve a healthy balance with self discipline and healthy control with considering the rights and needs of others and having respect for others.

Discern Competence

Leadership competence is successfully meeting an optimum challenge in a group environment which is similar to the capacity of a basic human need as, exerting healthy personal self control and self discipline in one’s life. These are requirements of self mastery before leadership competence in any group environment is possible. By paying attention to consistent and demonstrated behaviors in leadership, and having awareness of Negative Ego, Tyrant behaviors, Pain Body, Lack of Empathy and other Archontic Deception Behaviors, one can develop much more accurate assessment of group conditions, therefore improved discernment. Leaders are humble servants to the people. When the attitude of humble servant is forgotten, the road leading to tyranny is just around the corner.

To help with a benchmark in making one’s own personal and private assessment of the competency of the leadership of a Group Consciousness, spiritual community or other project group, and the values which are espoused, one applies “trust building” inquiries toward the leadership and the group’s mission or project statement. This is a measurement of energetic and verbal cohesion, does the group behave in alignment to the words and values which are communicated?

Is there a representation of competence and ability with the leadership role and is it demonstrated in ways that are competent and trustworthy? Can you place yourself in the leadership position? What human behaviors are required to respect and honor the rights of all people? See Law of One.

What are Tyrants, control freaks and other bullies thinking? They have several perceptions and beliefs that are out of balance and potentially destructive.

The mistaken belief that what “I can control fully, cannot hurt me” drives the Negative Ego behavior of many control freaks. Others are driven by their internal fear that they will lose control, or at least the needed autonomy, altogether. Their anxiety results from vulnerabilities that the control freak tries to eliminate by controlling every aspect of the environment and the people in it. They try to control every perceived threat, whether real or imagined. They lose track of what they can change and what they cannot change. They choose an ineffective approach to coping with their anxiety by controlling and manipulating others around them.

The Consumptive Modeling of energy vampirism that exerts control over others and manipulating scenarios is entirely exhausting. Uncontrollable adverse events often lead to learned helplessness and extreme mismanaged stress. Exerting control prevents learned helplessness, feeling powerless. Tyrants reduce their own fear by removing anyone who poses a threat to their needs, belief systems, or whatever else.

Low Self Esteem

The biggest secret of a Tyrant is that “I am not as good as I make myself to appear to be to the public”. The Tyrant’s public image has to be controlled at all cost and a image is projected to be what the public wants rather than the truth. Because the Tyrant feels inferior, the Tyrant generates ego defenses or ego pathology to act superior. With low self esteem the only opinion the Tyrant holds of their self is the opinion that others have of them. How this person feels depends entirely on what others think of them and assign as a value position. Controllers or Tyrants depend desperately on other people’s approval to establish and maintain feelings of self-worth. Thus, the Tyrant may control or even humiliate others first in so that the others do not humiliate them. These people are governed by Negative Ego and ruled by the Pain Body do not understand that their self-worth and dignity is intrinsic and is not provided by others. Also, tyrants evaluate their stature to be achieved on an absolute scale, and is not evaluated in comparison to others.

Leadership is not about controlling people; it’s about caring for people and being a useful resource for people. The best leaders help people work together and do their best to achieve an important goal. Their actions focus on accomplishing as a team much more than any one person could accomplish alone. Leadership is about helping people attain the goal, not about aggrandizing the leader. Tyrants don’t serve and servants don’t control.

(Source, Building Trust Section and Ascension Glossary, and Chart compiled  on emotionalcompetency.com/tyranny.htm )


Leadership vs. Tyranny – Energetic Synthesis.

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