▶ Prajna Ana – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview – YouTube

Published on Jan 19, 2013


Prajna Ana lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Although she does not prescribe to any dogma or religious structure, she honors the timeless wisdom within them all. It is from this space of openness where she invites you to un-know and discover the truth for yourself. Prajna is author of Dying Into This and founder of Lamp of the Heart.

About Dying Into This

We have reached a critical stage in our evolution. What is being asked of us now is to relate to each other from a higher state of consciousness, one born of love and compassion. Dying Into This offers a very practical, accessible message of transformation through love. Written outside of the confines of any religion, order, or philosophy, its clear message simply helps the reader to recognize their innate wisdom. The book supports and cultivates the goodness of each individual by reminding them of their true heart, thereby restoring a deep connection to all of life. Only once we each get in touch with that can any real, positive change happen.

“It is undeniable how connected we all are — to God, to self, and to each other. Once this is seen, we move from love — and that is how we will transform the world — one heart at a time.’

— Prajna Ana

Interview recorded 12/29/2012

via ▶ Prajna Ana – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview – YouTube.

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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