Krishna Kalki – Starseed Ascension Symptoms – Awakening and DNA Activation – 7-16-14

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Starseed 22

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Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation
Know that although our evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating,along with the New higher energies, we are all experiencing these changes in our own way and in our own time,according to who we are.And generally speaking,our ascension process relates to how we each run our own individual energy,and what our beliefs and experiences are (in other words, how we vibrate).These things can be changed and will also change automaticallyas we clear and embody more light within ourselves.May your evolutionary process be joyous, peaceful and filled with light and wonder!

Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense energy; feeling stress.

Remember, you are adjusting to a higher vibration and you will eventually adjust.Old patterns, behaviors and beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on inside of you! A…

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