Iréne Alomar – The Turning Point

Sometimes I forget to write about myself in on of my books of poetry as if I assumed that everyone woul know my story!

I love the word vändpunkten: The turning Point.

It feels to me as if I have walked in one direction (with a few diversions) and suddenly I came to a stop, a place within or without or both, where there is a change of winds, a turning point.

I have just completed a trip along the coast of beautiful Norway, from Bergen to Kirkenes and back.

When we stood on the ship at Kirkenes and looked out, we saw Russia.

The mountains were the same of, course. They did not look different, but yet we all know that there are partitions and borders that separate us.

It is about separation on many levels that I will speak about in my poems or rather connections – the opposite of separation.

At North Cape, which is a meeting point for many people, I met two elderly women. I helped of of the ladies into the bus with her crutches and she smiled and she said “thank you.” I asked which language do you speak? They said: Russian. They gave me a little booklet with lovely pictures of Moscow and I too it as a good sign. I will treasure it very much.

This book of poetry is about my own inner journey. To me it is all connected really. I am going to express all that I have collected over the years and never dared to say before publicly. It will contain a variety of poems and reflections.

  The “goal” for me (or still is) is really about self-expression. I wish to be able to be true to myself.

It is all right to be me!


I write for me and if someone enjoys my writing, or benefits from it, that in itself wiol ccertainlybring me pleasure.

Now I will start this journey wit the win behind me, the fair wints.

With greatest of pleasures, Iréne Alomar

Göteborg, Sweden, 22 July 2006

The Turning Point


A prayer

I’ve lost my direction

and hope

and the meaning of it all

an emptiness has entered.

I ask for clarity for my soul.


There comes A TIME

and now it’s mine,

when all must come to surface,

(forbidden and destructive thoughts, resentment, rage and anger).

for healing, transmutation

I will not swallow any more!

my feelings may be wrong or right,

but as a little child of mine

I’ll honour, cherish, treasure, nourish, comfort



Forgiving Myself

I was a bad daughter

according to some,

and also to myself,

I was a bad mother,

according to some

not always to myself.

I am talking about the expertise.

Who says that they are right?

Who knows what human hearts

may carry?

How can we measure love?

But doubts will come.

So what to do?

Forgive myself

as well as others.


I am not so scientific…

But THIS I understand

that uncried tears

can gather in the lungs…

and do some major damage.


The kingdom of heaven is within…

…so where to begin?

It needs dusting, brushing,

sweeping, polishing

vacuum cleaning as well

for peace to come in…


In the fast lane

I am shifting gear.

I’m moving into the lowest one,

so I can hear.



partitions, borderlines, drawn in the sand,

one little wave erased them.

I looked in the dictionary

for the words again,

my God..

I could not find them.


 Please do not forget,



has wings on IT’S own,

cannot be fettered,

cannot be owned,

it does what it likes,

it likes to have fun…

it likes to surprise…


A little Reminder

Be very careful,

be very ware,

when you walk,

you may step on

a rare and tender flower…


Iréne Alomar has written:

To children of Twilight Land (1983-84)

Solspegel (1995)

Sun-mirror and more… (2002)

The Return (2004)

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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