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How have you been holding up with April’s events so far? We’re not done yet, as we will have the April 29 eclipse looming ahead, but that is the last event of the month, then we are into May. It’s going to be a little like moving house, when the upheaval and drama of packing and moving are over, everything has to be unpacked, arranged, and the new house made into our new home. We’re releasing a lot of old energy and grounding new energy at the same time and depending on what you are releasing, which is the energy you are holding and processing on two levels, for yourself and for humanity, it can either feel like nothing is happening (which is not likely), or like you are going through the worst emotional crisis you have ever experienced.

I have been hearing many reports of people passing away suddenly, of suicides, of relationships suddenly ending, or people feeling like they are completely ‘done’ with a life situation. You may also get closure in a situation, as I did yesterday, that was a total surprise, very unexpected, but also a great relief. This is one of the effects of this energy and it can be wonderful in one way, but very unpleasant in another. It is hard to think that for some, these times are a wonderful relief and for others, the pain they experience is so profound that they feel they have no other choice but to end their lives. We’re all under a lot of pressure right now, so if you feel the need to reach out and connect with someone, please follow your guidance. On the other hand, if you need help, please ask for it. These are not easy times and they are temporary, so there is no need to struggle all by yourself.

If we have ever had a foot in two worlds, we do now and as we release the old energy we are also creating its higher frequency in the new earth paradigms. It is probably why we have all put on a few extra pounds in the past few weeks, as we need the grounding that the frustration and annoyance at our clothes not fitting gives, to keep our energy in our physical bodies. Through our desire to avoid pain, there is a tendency to go out of body when these painful emotions arise but that is not what we need to do. Instead, we need to let them arise and pass through with the intention to create their higher frequency, so sadness becomes joy, anger into forgiveness, powerlessness becomes empowerment, fear becomes confidence.

If you find yourself recalling painful past life events, for no reason, this is energy that is coming up for release and transmutation. Don’t stop to judge or criticize yourself, wonder how you could have been such an idiot, so blind or stupid, so clueless or why someone was so mean to you. Take a breath and choose the new energy you are going to replace that with and then let it pass. Ask yourself, “as I’m moving into another dimension of being, do I want to take this energy with me?” And if not, what version of it do you want to take? We have all had a vision of ascending into higher dimensions of being and what that involves. Part of that process is determining what we want to take with us, and what we want to leave in 3D. Remember that these energies are not complementary, they do not mix at all, so our 3D stuff has to stay in 3D. To borrow an ad message, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. Well, what happens in 3D stays in 3D.

There has never been a better time to give yourself closure, release, and healing from the past now, including past lives, karma, trauma, and all of the life situations that this creates for you. What do you want to let go of, no longer experience, no longer feel, or be burdened with (hint: anything that doesn’t serve your desire for love, joy, peace, and abundance in your life is a burden)? It’s a perfect time to release those things and the solar eclipse on April 29 is a good day to do a release and forgiveness ceremony and get the closure you need. We are moving into wholeness, one-ness with ourselves and with Divine Source or Creator. If wholeness means that you can enter new dimensions of being in a state of love, peace, joy, and abundance, how whole can you allow yourself to be?

This is also a time to be gentle with yourself, to set intentions for your life and to remind yourself of what you want your life to be like when things get rough. Once you set new intentions for your life, everything that is out of alignment with then will come up for assessment and review, meaning that before you release the energy, it’s going to give you an opportunity to choose it over something different. It doesn’t matter what you choose, there is no right or wrong, but you do have to choose between keeping the old energy or allowing a new one, that is aligned with your intention, to come forward. Remember it’s a process and we go through it one step at a time, in the same way that we breathe, one breath at a time. Some of the energies that we are releasing have been part of our energy field and matrix for many lifetimes, so the release may be somewhat bittersweet. Just stay focused on what you want in your life next, and your choices will not only be obvious, but anything that is not aligned with them may even quietly slip out of your life on its own.


Q&A: A Foot in Two Worlds > Uriel Heals.


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