How NOT to Tempt Fate – Just Keep Quiet!

By Tania Kotsos




So what is to tempt fate? Have you ever had a strong feeling that something you wanted to happen in your life was on its way but, then you told someone and somehow it did not happen, despite having been so positive that it would? Have you ever felt hesitant to say something about a positive expectation, intention or idea because you didn’t want to “jinx it” but you went ahead and said it anyway, while dismissing your reservations as superstitious nonsense with thoughts such as “what could possibly go wrong”?´ In fact, the more you believe that you create your own reality, then the more you are willing to dismiss the superstition that telling someone will tempt fate, because you refuse to believe that someone could have so much power over your life so as to “jinx you”. Of course, when your expectation does not materialise, you label whoever you told a “jinxer” or you blame yourself for having tempted fate.


Does Fate Have a Warped Sense of Humour?: Throughout history, humanity has created and clung to superstitions to explain the inexplicable. Even to this day, people throughout the world go to great lengths to prevent being jinxed or to ward off the so-called “evil eye”. Most superstitions though are not based on reason or knowledge. In this case, when something you otherwise expected seems not to happen just because you spoke about it, you would be forgiven for thinking that fate must have some kind of warped sense of humour but the truth is, it has nothing to do with fate.


There is a very specific reason why verbalizing ones expectation may prevent it from happening, and the answer does not belong in any book of superstition or jinxes. It is not fate that you tempt but rather it is the creation process that you interrupt and hence, prevent your expectation from manifesting when you speak about it too soon. In ignorance of the creation process, one has little choice but to shoulder all the responsibility on fate and the jinx.

Understanding the Creation Process: To be able to understand what is happening when we appear to “tempt fate”, one must first understand the creation process. This is the process whereby concentrated thought power transmutes energy from its pure potential state (i.e. mind) into energy in its material state (i.e. physical world manifestation), that is in turn attracted to its original corresponding source (i.e. the thinker – you) through the Law of Attraction. This transmutation of mind energy into matter energy takes time. You have to allow for the necessary, uninterrupted passage of time when consciously creating your reality in the physical world. Here in lies the secret on how not to “tempt fate”. Uninterrupted time is the key.


Why Speaking About Something Appears to “Tempt Fate”: Tempting fate is nothing more than speaking too soon. Think about it – another way of saying “I tempted fate” is “I spoke too soon”. Thought belongs to the mental realm while speech belongs to the physical realm. As long as that something which you want to experience has not yet appeared in your physical world, then it must be left, uninterrupted in the mental realm where all creation takes place.


The instant you verbalise your intention, you bring it into the physical realm without having allowed it the time to fully transform from potential, mind energy to visible, material energy. By delivering your thought form too soon, you “freeze” your intention in a dimension somewhere between the mental and the physical realm that is not accessible to you or your senses in the physical world. Speech disperses concentrated mental energy. The more you speak about it the more you disperse your thought form’s energy and when there is no energy left to disperse, speaking about the very thing that not too long ago you felt certain about, actually feels untrue. So how do you not “tempt fate” or more accurately, “how do you not interfere with the creation process”? It’s quite simple really – KEEP QUIET!


To Keep Quiet Means Say Nothing: The only way not to interrupt the creation process, and hence not to appear to “tempt fate”, is to keep it private. This really means say nothing to no one – not to your best friend, your partner or even your most trusted confidant. The instant you talk about it you release and disperse the previously concentrated energy of your thought power. You do not have to reveal every hope, expectation and feeling on your Facebook status or summarise them into 140 characters on Twitter! Moreover, physically sharing your expectations also inadvertently opens you up to the other person’s expectations and belief (or lack thereof) in what you are saying, and can also create a sense of panic within you because now that you have “said it”, you have to prove it. This in turn breeds attachment, and if social media is “freezing” your intentions then attachment is killing them.


The Necessity of Time: The necessary incubation period in the creation process, that we know as time, is evident throughout nature. Just like one would never attempt to deliver a baby one month after the time of conception, so you must allow for the necessary time for your conceived idea, intention or thought to manifest and be delivered to you in the physical world. Give what you want a chance to be created. Keep it in the mental realm of creation until it is ready to come into the physical realm. So how do you know how much time is necessary? Well that is also quite simple – as much time as it takes for you to start seeing physical manifestations of your intention. Time is not only necessary but is also very helpful. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if each of your thoughts materialised instantly. When you become grateful for time, you will find all the patience you need.


How to Know What Not to Share?: Training yourself to keep quiet about your expectations and “good feelings” about something that you sense is about to happen for you, does not mean never again having a meaningful conversation about your goals or aspirations. Learn to distinguish between what you should and should not share by listening to your intuition. Listen and respect the voice within you that tells you, “don’t say it”. Learn to honour it, and you will soon know exactly what you should and should not share so as not to interrupt the creation process or supposedly “temp fate”.


Keep Your Words a Step Behind Physical Reality: Train yourself to keep it real. This means, make it a habit to only share those things that have actually physically manifested in your life, and even then, keep your words (i.e. what you say) a step or two behind your physical reality. Do not let your words get ahead of the physical. Also important, is to not make a “big deal” out of every manifestation. Avoid the extreme of getting overly-excited when sharing something. Even when not telling others, keep everything that happens to you in perspective and award it its appropriate reaction. Gratitude need not involve jumping up and down with excitement.


Release the Guilt of Not Sharing: You may initially feel a sense of guilt for not sharing something with a friend, family member or partner but just remember you are not doing so because you do not trust them. Instead, having understood the conscious creation process, you are keeping quiet so as to give your expectation, idea or intention a chance to take form in the physical realm from the mental. If the voice within says don’t say it, then don’t say it. When in doubt, keep quiet!


Can You Un-Tempt Fate? Chances are that reading this article has reminded you of a number of times that you wished you had not “tempted fate” by verbalising your expectation, idea or intention. Make a list of those intentions that you had really counted on manifesting but that you had inadvertently “frozen” by talking about them too soon. Do you still want them today? If your answer is yes and nothing has happened since to make your then intentions impossible today, then this powerful meditation technique allows you to “unfreeze” them. Keep in mind that during your creative visualization sessions, you do not have to literally “see it” – it’s more than enough to get a sense of that which you are wanting to see.


Meditation Technique to Re-Start the Creation Process: In a relaxed position and with your eyes closed, imagine your “frozen” expectation as a dark, inactive, small ball of energy stuck somewhere between your mental and physical worlds. Imagine all its energy dispersed outside of it. Then, imagine this dispersed energy being sucked back into the ball. See the ball becoming re-activated. See it becoming larger and larger and lighting up as the dispersed energy is re-concentrated within it.


You will feel a calm sense of completion once the original energy is back within the ball. At this point, know that the creation process has been re-activated and that your intention is on the move again towards you in the physical world. Finally, let it go, detach from the outcome and, most importantly, tell no one this time round as you get on with your life. Keep in mind not to try force the energy back into the ball. Remain relaxed and detached; take your time and repeat the meditation as many times as it feels necessary (on different days), as long as you are not trying to force it.


In a nutshell, what most people believe is to “tempt fate”, is really nothing more than an interruption of the creation process. While thought, and hence thinking about your intention, belongs to the mental realm; speech, and hence verbalising your intention, belongs to the physical realm. Speaking about your intention, expectation or idea too soon brings it into the physical realm before it has had the time to fully form in the mental realm and hence appears to “tempt fate” by not physically manifesting. This necessary incubation period, that we experience as time, is seen throughout nature. Give your expectations the time to physically materialise before speaking about them. Trust your intuition and when in doubt about what to say, just keep quiet.



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