Barbara Marciniak – Katerina Edwards – Redefine Your Identity

Barbara Marciniak – Katerina Edwards – Redefine Your Identity | Higher Density Blog.

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Your soul contains your personality, but a false identity is thrust upon us from birth by indoctrinating us through school, main stream propaganda, government, corporate and other influences; teaching us how to construct a “mind prison” around ourselves. A prison without walls or bars.

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For the first time ever, the Internet has allowed us the digital classroom required, that we might teach ourselves how to find the door to the cognitive prison cell and assist each other in staging a prison break for not only ourselves; but for the whole of humanity.

So there is much war on the planet, both internally and externally; as we vomit out the old dogmas and begin to discover who we truly are and what our true potential actually is.

“All of the works I have done, also shall you do and greater still than these shall you do” -Jesus Christ, The Gospel of John

We are already doing it. Sure, most of us might not yet have the whole “walking on water” thing down to a science just yet, however — you can speak to the entire planet at once through a Global Network called THE INTERNET. So you are already doing something that Jesus with all of his power, absolutely could NOT do.

Welcome to the awakening. No one is coming down to save us, it is we who are COMING UP!

Enjoy the ride!

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“The system is corrupt. It does not work. It does not honor life. It does not honor Earth. Consciousness must change. In the next few years, a connectedness and a communal cooperation will begin. You will stop separating yourselves with respect to political ideology. That separation, was designed. Much of the political maneuvering going on, particularly in the United States, is purposefully designed to separate you. All sorts of things are said to keep you from discovering what you have in common. When people discover this, they will begin to get angry. A new pride, and a new sense of integrity will come about.” -Barbara Marciniak


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