9 Ways to Begin Living From Your Heart

hellen keller feel with the heart fb 400Re-connect with Your Heart and Begin Your Life

Most people live their lives trapped within the mind, disconnected from their authentic self.

The demands of life cause most of us to live in constant mental overdrive – always thinking, analysing, organising, evaluating and planning our way through life.

In this article I would like to invite you to take a break from using your mind and to consider opening yourself to your inner heart, where your true self resides.

Re-connecting with Your Heart

Ultimately, no matter what goals people set in their lives, I believe most of us are seeking simple things in life: happiness, love, freedom. It is disheartening that most people depend on the outside world for these qualities; qualities that can already be found within us when we pursue a journey of self-discovery.

There is a common trend in our world of seeking happiness by pursuing what wethink will make us happy, instead of pursuing the feeling of happiness that already resides within the authentic self; within our hearts.

Of course, on some level we all know that material pursuits like purchasing an expensive car, dating someone successful or overindulging in food will not lead to authentic self-esteem and happiness. However, knowing this on a mind-level and pursuing your inner happiness on an experiential level are two different things.

– See more at: http://www.thehealersjournal.com/2014/02/23/living-from-your-heart-9-ways/

via 9 Ways to Begin Living From Your Heart | The Galactic Free Press.

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