Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force A Call to Action!

From eruptions and protests to historical weather and genius discoveries, our world headlines certainly capture the essence of the changing polarity fields and their ability to rip some things asunder.

Adding to this is a massive repolarization occurring in the planetary memory base, which holds the records of humanity. Certain ethereal imprints are being purged to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the Earth, propelling a karmic driven slate. 

The intensity is not going to let up. We are called into action NOW to initiate a mass clearing of our personal etheric records. By doing this as a collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning while elevating our group consciousness to the next level of its ascending frequency.


Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force

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The crystallization of our new avatar hologram requires us to change the way we think so that the dual awareness can go multi-dimensional. 

A great hindrance to achieving this comes from our distorted sensory filters created by unpleasant prior experiences. It is a fact that memory greatly alters perception. It often sets us up into sabotaging feedback loops where the same information from the past influences the same phenomenon to occur in the present. 


The other obstacle to breaking free from the perceptual prison is a deeply embedded imprint of doubt. Despite the desire, devotion and sincere efforts to purify the self, many of us are still dragging around a heavy ball and chain to the limiting human enigma.

Ye are Gods! Intellectually, we can understand what this might mean. What is it, though, that prevents us from truly actualizing this omni-Presence in its fully embodied radiating glory?

One of the biggest reasons is foreboding and doubt, which lurks in the deep dark crevices of our impressionable energy matrix. No matter how tight or loose these threads of doubt are twined, it is the swift ticket of assurance to remain in the stifling jailhouse of limitation.

Oh where, oh where does this wobble of doubt arise?

The Memory Field of Ether

In our process of morphogenesis, we are discovering that the constricting memory fields must de-polarize in order to release the distorted ways in which reality is perceived.

This is assisted by our departure from the defining fields of mass consciousness that are operating from a time-coded matrix of cumulative memory, which sustains the degenerative bodily script.

Many of us are making extra effort to release the morphogenetic stress web to help override the body’s internal memory defaults. We are upgrading our communication feedback system and taking care to give clear signals to our body by adhering to a new collective resonance that is not swayed by the pull of matter-bound consciousness.

Whew!  If this is not enough, we are going even further.


There is yet another memory field that greatly influences us. Everything that exists comes from this quantum field, which seems to be the foundation from which our physical reality is molded.

It is described as an ethereal container that holds the vibrational imprint of every thought, feeling, word and action by every individual Soul that has ever incarnated upon the Earth. Many people have named this space, the ‘Akashic’, likened to a sort of informational energy database that can even be read by the more astute.  

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, ‘akasha’ is a sanskrit word meaning primordial substance from which all things are formed. It is another way to say ‘ether’ as universal life force.

Mention of the Akashic Records, is traceable to many ancient cultures and religions including the Egyptians, Greek oracles, Mayans, the sages of the Himalaya, the Christian bible, Tibetan Buddhists, Sufi mystics and psychic personalities such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Dion Fortune, Manly P. Hall, and Alice Bailey, amongst so many others.

It is from this vault of imprinted ether that a growing number of ‘seers’ today are tapping into to give assistance to seekers who want to understand life challenges more thoroughly. Oftentimes, the records reveal specific areas of past association that is still repeating itself in the present, undermining desired Soul advancement.

Ervin Laszlo, scientist and author of the book, Science and the Akashic Field, says,


“Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field that underlies space itself. This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings, and even consciousness. This zero-point Akashic Field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.”

As Ervin indicates, these imprints not only embody past records but also hold clues to the future, drawing to us our evolving potentials. They are the inspiration for creativity and forward thinking.

Many of our spiritual guides and Ascended Masters have inscribed their consciousness signatures into the Akashic substance as living imprints for guidance, accessible by all.  This is often the source of so much of our higher messaging.

Repolarization of Earth’s Etheric Vault

As redevelopment of Earth’s energy architecture continues, the electromagnetic polarity is changing to accommodate a dramatic upshift in planetary frequency. The grids that are upholding vulnerable third dimensional construct are collapsing allowing ethereal substance to have a more pronounced effect.

This is paving the way for humanity’s transition into a harmonic resonance that is fueled by a new morphogenetic instruction template for multidimensional living and where ‘paranormal’ becomes the status quo.


It also contributes to a grand unlocking occurring within the fields that hold the planetary records, including many sacred places that have been purposely sealed until such a time that their held codes and related knowledge could safely benefit the human race.

These large repositories and global Halls of Records are now unveiling, both physically and through the portals of our expanding group consciousness.

All of this unlocking and subsequent recalibration of energy fields is setting into momentum a massive repolarization of the planetary ‘Recorder Cell’, where the akashic substance holds all of the etheric records from human thought-feeling impressions.

These imprints are seen as etheric bands within and around the planet and even our personal body matrix that ripple out as a holographic overlay of information. The electromagnetic and gravitational fields are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information.

For eons, Earth has been, in a sense, quarantined from the rest of the galactic system due to its density and collective laggard mentality. As part of our reintegration as an evolved celestial body, a split is occurring in its main recording and storage interface. This involves a grandiose sifting of the bands of ethereal substance that ensoul the planet in order to filter out and remove the live discord coming from built up toxic imprinting. This is being assisted through star nation technology.

Just like it takes a long time to boot up a computer when so many files are on the desktop, so it is the same for the Earth body as it juxtaposes dimensions. It requires much lighter data fields in which to empower multi level convergence.

While the impressions are indelibly etched, certain records of humanity are being repolarized to remove their active ‘charge’ and then lifted entirely from the electromagnetic glue that binds them to the planet, propelling a karmic driven reality. This will eventually bring an end to karma and the core implant of suffering.

This is affecting the entire time space continuum including past timelines and parallel realities that do not serve Earth’s forward momentum. It is going to get really intense as these records are being cleaned. We are already seeing such huge levels of extreme scenarios from conflicts and abuse to record breaking storms on all levels of the polarity barometer.

Now, apply all of this to your own personal energy hologram. Things may be rearing up that do not make sense or that you thought was dissolved from your life. Plus, many of us are used as transmuting channels for the collective. Maneuvering through this exposing energy is part of our mastery in being simply the witness while holding our center stable. Equanimity is a critical skill to have at this time.

For Simplicity’s Sake…

To summarize in metaphorical terms, the main planetary recorder and its cloistered library are receiving a substantial upgrade. (This also means that YOU are too.) This delicate renovation is completely removing the core cause, record and memory that keep the extremes of dual perception in perpetual motion.

All of the library’s beneficial records will be cataloged as one with the Greater Akasha and the recording crystals of the Universe, a realm qualified by and through universal love and accessible by those Souls advancing into multi-dimensional ‘New Earth’ consciousness.

All of its outdated records will be taken completely out of circulation and placed in quarantine to prevent the further spread of dis-ease. This eradicates the karma plug-in.

It is star nation technology that is assisting in this sensitive project of ‘auditing and refiling’ the records.

Gaia, as an ascending Earth body, is only keeping in circulation that which vibrates to love, benevolence and brings support to evolving humanity. While we can only imagine the humongous immensity of what this really means including the timing of it all, this is such colossal news!

This is releasing us from the archaic ball and chain that mysteriously follows us, keeping us bound to an unexplained quandary of limitation. We are indeed moving through the veil as the Greater Akashic force comes to meet us in the field of pure Divine Love.



God Bless Humanity.

with all my love,

Tiara Kumara

Children of the Sun Foundation

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