The Field Of Love – Revelations of a TwinFlame

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I see you
I remember you
It is there
This is home
This is, the field of love

Here the memories flourish once again as the flying wings of love heals a broken heart
Welcome home, my love

A field that is giving birth to galaxies far and above to help restore that which was lost and to help those who does not know of true love, My love
It is written in the stars and was forever ment to be, my love

I remember words spoken to give sound to what is and what will always be
Remember I do, the words that would touch my soul and help me remember the words of eternity that are forever written

Our Love is like the sun and the rain giving birth to flowers that will show this world what beauty really is — the love that we are.

The twin Flame Love shall heal the world, our love shall Heal wounds from the past, our love shall teach broken wings how to once again fly across the shores
The same shores that we call the field of love

This is our One heart of unconditional divine Loving service to Humanity and the Cosmos

With our cosmic love we shall save the night and the day from what is there to shaddow it’s beauty for nothing can be shadowed with the light of our love
With you i am healed, with you I am home – with you, I am complete

Our beautiful heart will forever vibrate the never dying the field of love..

With The Love That We Are – Riki & Dea

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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