Returning HOME to Your Natural Self

Infinite Shift

I had a vision a few weeks ago. It happened after I realized that humans (and starseeds) have been imprinted with some really unnatural characteristics as a way of controlling and limiting us.

I have never identified with the “average” human. All I could see was the inhumanity, cruelty, stupidity, arrogance, etc. On the other hand, I felt an instant surge of recognition when Barbara Marciniak talked about the “system busters”—incarnate Pleidians—and Delores Cannon’s reference to the “three waves of volunteers” who came to help with the shift. But I couldn’t reconcile the humans I saw in my everyday life with the mission I knew I was on. How could I have agreed to come help these unwilling, unconscious candidates for enlightenment?

Then I realized that I had to remove all “false programming” from myself, my history, thoughts, emotions, life… As I worked, I saw that nearly everything is false…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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