Galactic Free Press ~ 08/24/2013

How Spiritual Practices Can Become Limitations

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Let me start out by saying that people are not here to be like Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad or any guru or spiritual leader. That’s all a distraction. You’re not here to try to be somebody else, you’re here to discover your own Divine Self. If you try to be like someone else, you’re just an imitation, an impersonator, an imposter. You can’t be somebody else no matter how hard you try, you can only be yourself. Look at that for a moment, are you comfortable with it? If you find the thought disturbing at all, it’s because there’s parts of yourself you don’t like.

Most spiritual practices arise from trying to imitate someone else. The prophet did something, and now everybody else believes if they do the same things the prophet did, they can be just like the prophet. People have been trying that for thousands of years, has it worked yet? Obviously not, or else we’d have a whole Planet full of Awakened Beings by now. What you do is only an expression, only a result, of what’s inside of you. The key is to focus upon who you are Being, not what you are doing.

Now I’m not saying that spiritual practices cannot help people. They often do help people at first, which is why they’re so popular, but it’s important to understand why they work. Many people live a life that’s almost an unchanging pattern, one day is so similar to the next that there’s virtually no difference. This kind of behavior starves the Soul, and squanders the amazing gift that Life Is. Then the being brings a spiritual practice into their life, and the pattern is broken. This is like a breath of fresh air to the Soul, and the person starts feeling much better about their life. There’s a pitfall here though, and that’s when the spiritual practice becomes integrated into their daily patterns. Pretty soon they’re just repeating that same patterns over and over again, just like before. What seemed like freedom at first starts to become restrictive, because all the person has done is jumped from one mental box into a slightly larger mental box.

The best way to participate in Creation is to Create! This means bringing in new expressions of your own Divine Self, not trying to repeat the past over and over again or imitate someone else. That would be an incredibly limited use of the amazing tools you’ve been given. Now, expressing your creative nature doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a painter or a musician. While those artistic endeavors are often helpful in self-discovery, the most important part is how you live your life. If you really want to find yourself and break free of the past, everything you do should be a conscious act of self-expression. Do not just react to situations unconsciously, that just feeds into the patterns of the past. Each moment is unique, and in each moment you have the opportunity to recreate yourself anew, to become an even more amazing expression of YOU!

When you start doing this, don’t expect that all your problems will quickly fix themselves. You’ll get discouraged very quickly if you have those sorts of preconceptions. If breaking out of old patterns was quick and easy, people wouldn’t have accumulated so many. If anything, expect a lot of mixed emotions at first, ranging from being highly inspired to very frustrated. It’s a process of self-discovery but also self-creation, and you’re going to have to learn to Love yourself unconditionally to make it all the way through. Finding your own True Beauty requires releasing all of the ugly ego-stuff, and while parts of the processes may not be much fun, it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.


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