Bill Ballard ~ Passing through the 7-29-13 Stargate into Our New Earth

7-30-13 Bill Ballard ~ Passing through the 7-29-13 Stargate into Our New Earth

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Published on Jul 30, 2013

Do you “feel” it? Yesterday’s Planetary Merkaba formation in the stars of 7-29-13 was truly amazing! The energies today are still so very strong and watching the various stages that led up to NOW has been something to both witness and participate in. WOW!

I had many experiences that led up to yesterday with the bringing back of fractals of “SELF” that were in various timelines throughout history, in various dimensions, and who were parts of me that needed and MUST come home to the “I AM THAT I AM” or ME to enter this next stage of my personal ascension process an my own sovereignty… With that, it seems that not only karma has been cleared but also memories of those times, the story has seemed to disappear… WOW… Did the Akash get rewritten because of that? Whew… so much has happened and so little time has passed this will take a while to digest.

In the next stages of the game, now we are truly in NEW EARTH, I feel that so many of us who have been focusing on bringing down the old 3D world and those controllers so ascension on a collective basis could and would unfold, we are now free, IF WE CHOOSE to go to our next levels of being… That would be fully re-member-ing our Avatar abilities and getting reacquainted with that we have already done, but forgot so long ago… As we do this, that experience of us doing so as individuals will go into the consciousness grid and Christ Grid for all of humanity to also draw from… New Earth will be Heaven on Earth… and it’s now time to create it…

For persons who have felt the shift and feel confused somewhat now… you’re not alone! I too have some recalibration going on as so much has shifted within myself. I am not fully certain of my own abilities at this time as it all gets restructured… it’s a process and know that this will take time to come back into feeling normal… nothing is normal at the current time.

Of course there is still healing going on, and especially as humanity wakes and goes through their processes on an individual basis… For those of us who have been clearing the energies previously as we have done this… that process and help will be ever so easy in comparison to what we have already experienced… a cake walk… The difficult thing maybe to step back into our Avatar abilities, OR that may also be a cake walk too… Anyway… It’s Time! HA!

Bill Ballard
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