Sandra Walter ~ June blooms: the magnificence of Unity

Source: Creative Evolution

Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

June blooms: the magnificence of Unity

A welcome sight for those in the eCourse: Spectrogram for June 3

Apologies for the delay in communication. I AM weaving the crystalline corridor back to Mount Shasta, learning a great deal about new skills, and traveling in some remote areas which puts me out of internet range. I appreciate the messages of concern; all is well (better than well!) and I AM honoring the activations with quiet integration as I greet the new gateways.

There is much to share about the current frequencies and acceleration of the Shift. My journey back to Shasta began with three days at the Grand Canyon – the epicenter of the new gateway openings. It was incredible experience and I plan to do it justice on video as soon as possible. Right now completing this mission is my primary focus, and that means many hours of traveling, anchoring, expanding on the work that was done during the triple eclipse gateway.

Blessings to everyone experiencing this profound frequency shift. It feels like pure Source – pure lovelight intelligence – available 24/7 at last. We have crossed a threshold which anchors an accelerated collective timeline. It speeds up our ascension, it focuses on creating solutions and walking clean away from anything which does not serve the collective interests. More on that – and how to apply this to your lifestream – when I have an opportunity to get a video up.

Accept the profound effects of this new level of light intelligence ~ we are creating a galactic legacy of love and transformation. Galactic legacy is our responsibility – the awake, aware, out of the spiritual closet, willing to show up and do whatever it takes to assist and co-create a Spiritual Sun with a race of Cosmic Christed HUmans from a planet and collective formerly steeped in density and darkness. It is incredible what we are doing here.

There are many personal aspects to this process; the experiences, DNA evolution, dimensional shift, ascension of consciousness, body vehicle transcendence, interdimensional communication … all of that is fun to explore. Be diligent in your duty in service to the light as this new level continues to grow through June. Predictions and updates are still helpful to some, however Light Servers will be called into the boots-on-the-ground co-creation of service with the planet, elementals, kingdoms and the collective. Your skill sets and connection to your Higher Levels determine your level of assistance and the timing of what to do and when.

There is no dimming down at this point; we have given the galactic go-ahead to accelerate the Shift. As always, I do not care if it takes three days, three years or three thousand years to complete this process. Cosmic triggers have been turned over to the light, and we use them with integrity and in the highest interests of all concerned. June is unfolding with pointed acceleration for the wayshowers – stay focused, stay true, stay in your highest integrity.

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