Wesak Festival Meditation

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Taurus 2013 Global Meditation
Celebrating The Wesak ~ Festival of Shamballa
Taurus ~ Scorpio Full Moon
Thursday, April 25 at 12:57 pm PDT ~ 19:57 UT

Wesak Festival Meditation
Wesak Meditation ~ Audio Player
Meditation Focus ~ Overview
2013 Meditation Theme ~ Taurus
2013 Meditation Theme ~ Annual Cycle
The Wesak Festival
Information Synthesis
Meditation Preparation
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Meditation Impressions ~ Living Wise Blog

Meditation Focus ~ Overview

The Wesak Festival, second of the Three Major Planetary Spiritual Festivals, is celebrated globally at the time of the full moon in Taurus~Scorpio.

Souledout.org’s annual meditation focus theme continues during this lunar cycle. Beginning last month, we are exploring

Planetary Liberation Inaugurates Cosmic Freedom

One way to participate in group preparation is to join us in the daily spiritual focus presented in our online Calendar …

Wesak Festival ~ Full Moon in Taurus
Daily Spiritual Focus Calendar

Throughout the Taurus cycle, each Calendar day’s seed thought is portrayed in the graphic representation and links associated with the Keynote on the daily page. Beginning after the new moon on Wednesday, April 10, we ask all to observe this holy festival cycle by aligning with the daily focus.

You are encouraged to continue with this meditation channel during the lunar cycle surrounding the April 25 Wesak full moon in Taurus~Scorpio. You may want to bookmark the Calendar, or consider making it the startup page in your browser, in order to participate on a daily basis. Note: The Calendar works optimally in full browser windows, rather than tabbed windows. Another suggestion, since it is updated daily, is to set your Browser Cache to “Compare each time the page is viewed.”

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2013 Meditation Theme ~ Taurus

SouledOut.org’s meditation focus for the Taurus 2013 lunar cycle relates to The Wesak ~ Festival of Shamballa and emphasizes the Will aspect of Divinity.

We Are The Monads and Here We Stand
and Standing Know
We Are The Synthetic Cosmic Path of Life Itself

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