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Monday, April 1, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in

Today gives us a glimpse into what we will experience while the Black Moon transits the Galactic Center for a month beginning April 5 (see last week’s posts for more information.)  The Moon will make this journey today, preparing the ground for the Black Moon’s upcoming journey.  There’s a LOT of energy in place today, so be careful to think things through before taking action or speaking your mind.  We’re in Aries energy, and Aries is impulsive.  Following a prompt is good, but life-altering actions and decisions need to be thoroughly considered.  If anger surfaces for you today, be grateful for the opportunity for release that this brings.  Anger is showing us where we need to make modificiations and where we need to let go.  Remember the metaphor of the butterfly trying to emerge from its cocoon.  This is what is happening and it translates to us wanting to break free of anything that is restricitng us.  So we want to pay attention to what we are hearing and put together the instruction (messages) we are receiving.  Disseminating Moon phases do this well.  The auditory sense is naturally heightened during Disseminating phases.  Sophia holds class and lectures, but she asks for class participation, so share yourself and your ideas with others.

There is an incredible amount energy to create today.  If you have been working on a creation about the ruling dakini Nairatmya, her time is waning rapidly.  The next goddess is already hard at work (the goddesses are following a much more fluid schedule now – in fact, it is barely a schedule at all.  They are using the predominant astrology for their own purposes, so if prevailing energy suits the goals of a dakini, they easily bend to that.  Let’s allow this energy to get in place by being open to changes.

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