gaia_energy1Strengthening of all intuitive Gaia points comes from individualized interaction of Hue-mans with such points. At this moment, a freeing of restriction upon Hue-man Light Worker ground crew is in process, and will complete in “short” order.

Intuitive Gaia points are centers of Light introduction into and from Inner Earth. These may be found solely by Hue-man intuitive connection. Those non-attuned will see nothing. Hue-mans with attunement find them readily.

Such intuitive Gaia points are continuously in motion, and may shift moment to moment, although remaining in the same general vicinity.

Increase in the numbers of such points is occurring, and will continue as “humanity” transforms to “Hue-manity”. And Gaia transforms to Rainbow Gaia.

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The Oracle Report

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Issues related to values, love, attraction, security, beauty, finances, and health surface today.  This is a wide area of coverage, isn’t it?  For those that follow astrology, Venus and Chiron make exact conjunction today while continuing yesterday’s square to Jupiter.  This energy has been heavy.  Chiron energy is a lot to handle and we’ve had a lot of Chiron in play.  The thing to remember is today is not the end of the story.  Whatever looks like the end is not really the end.  We can’t see things clearly right now, only hazy outlines.  It’s nebulous.  So if you feel defeated about something or feel like giving up or giving up hope, just park that for today.  Put it on hold.  Skip out.  Walk away.  Let the universe take over and work with it for a while.  Ask that it be transformed.  “Butterfly medicine” is at work but in order for it to work we have to give it space.

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Jennifer Hoffman

Source: Galactic Free Press

The Energies of March by Jennifer Hoffman

Enlightening Life By Jennifer on March 3, 2013

about Jennifer Hoffman

Any month that starts out with the Catholic Pope’s retirement, hospitalization of the Queen of England, and the US government in sequester promises to be interesting. That has happened in the first three days of March and it’s going to be a long month.  In January we adapted to the post-2012 energies, tired and a little disillusioned and disappointed. In February we discovered all of the blocks that have limited us, including our soul wounds, karmic cycles, partners, beliefs and distractions. Read more

Irma Kaye Sawyer

Source: Bright Star Consulting Services

Healing Suggestions for the Pisces Stellium of March, 2013.

Mar 3, 2013 by

Healing Suggestions for the Pisces Stellium of March, 2013.

Hello friends. For the month of March we are still in the influence of the Pisces stellium (three or more planets in the same sign.) They are for the moment: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron (planetoid,) and Venus. Sun, Mars and Venus will be moving on relatively soon, while the others will remain longer. With such a strong Piscean influence, we have a unique healing opportunity to access deep subconscious information that may not always be readily available to our conscious mind. The astral highway is definitely busier than usual right now, so proper grounding and centering practices are highly recommended for all, especially those that are actively participating in spiritual healing work.

Q: How can we drop habitual patterns of mind that may be considered long-standing and not conducive to our good health and also make the best use of the current healing energies? Read more


Lucas 2012 Infos

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this WeekMonday: Sun conjunct Mercury, Jupiter square Venus, Last Quarter Moon 1:52pm PST; Tuesday: Chiron conjunct Venus; Wednesday: Pluto sextile Venus, Saturn trine Venus, Venus conjunct Mercury, Saturn trine Mercury; Thursday: Pluto sextile Mercury, Saturn sesquisquare Mars, Pluto sextile Saturn; Friday: Chiron conjunct Mercury; Saturday: Jupiter square Mercury

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Lucas 2012 Infos

pt1220_poof_logoGreetings and Salutations:

As quiet as it’s gotten, the excitement in the air is quite palpable. Rv is in the high octave range now…something is afoot. Funny how the new treasury guy went thru the senate so fast, he does know what he’s doing and has experience. He knows all about the rvs going on in the world, as well as, prosperity programs, global settlements, and the necessary deep changes to happen in the [US]. He’s all for it. In the years to come, many grand children will hear about this unbelievable shift planet wide. We’re all going at once. Some kicking and screaming. Sometimes man’s free will is confronted with an issue, it can do nothing but flow with it. For some this is like a dose of castor oil…unpleasant but good for you. lololol

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One World Rising

The picture I chose for today speaks such truth. How we see ourselves is indeed what truly matters. It seems forever we have been taught that status matters, how others see us is of importance, keeping up with the Jones’ is a natural part of life. None of that matters. My Goodness, we have been told lies for so long it’s no wonder we have been stumbling along lost and without purpose. It is not an easy task to undo all of the brain washing we have under gone since birth, but we must fight hard to recoup our balance and wipe our minds clear of all of the lies. It is essential we do our inside work to become whole again, to clear out the clutter within and make free space for our new way of being to reside. At the top of our to do list should…

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aisha north

Let us begin this missive by saying that for many of you, these last few days have been more than intense, especially physically wise. And, as usual, that is easy to explain. As we have touched upon earlier, these new injections bring with them some brand new programming, programming that is altering the course of so much of what you have previously installed in your body. And so, the moans and groans from this literally not only mind expanding, but fully expanding energies will be heard throughout your physical body. For no expansion comes without complaints from the existing, and as such, even if they are indeed rather painful at times, these growing pains, for that is truly what they are, are once again just confirmations that you are taking one step closer towards completion.

For you are all expanding in so many ways, literally and energetically, as you are…

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Thanks to John Smallman

Jesus through John

Humanity’s path through the illusion has been long and arduous, but the end is approaching and the brilliant Light of God’s divine Reality is waking you up into your natural state of full consciousness.  In that state your awareness is unclouded by emotions, tiredness, or fearful beliefs, and you see, know, and understand the wonder of what you are: divine and eternal beings, permanently at one with God.  You have never departed from that state of oneness with Him because there is nowhere else that you could possibly be.  However, you have imagined a state other than that, which, like an intense and horrific nightmare, has seemed very real indeed while you have been experiencing it.

You have no need to remain any longer in that unnatural and unreal environment, and in fact you are now in the very dynamic process of removing yourselves from it by allowing and encouraging…

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gaia_energy1Stresses of realignment of human energetic structures with upgrading Gaia grids are currently experienced by many in the Hue-manity upgrade path. This was anticipated, and is being dealt with at Higher Levels. Details need not be known at this time.

Those with physical manifestations such as aches, general discomfort, unease with 3D earth tasks, may follow inner Higher Guidance (Intuition) for instructions to deal with these. All such physical manifestations are temporary.

This realignment process continues for several months. Polar realignments occur in this same period, which adds another component to this energetic stress.

Resulting from this, however, is a strengthening in “humanity general” ascension grids, as well as DNA upgrade for all, on ascension timeline or not.

Attention to, and honoring of, physical signals is helpful at this time.

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Thanks to aisha north

aisha north

Let us begin this message by saying that we are all more than grateful for the way you have started to give from yourselves to this process. For, as we have touched upon earlier, it has now changed from being a process focused primarily on self-education to call it that, and instead turning into a process of manifestation. For you are already building the new, step by step, day by day, and even if it is at times hard for you to see any progress, we see it clearly, and it is indeed wonderful to behold. For what you manifest is mayhaps not as tangible yet, but none the less it is more than impressive. For what you are building, are energetic structures and connections, and these are growing rapidly now.

Some of these connections can be seen by the trail of messages you all leave behind in this space…

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Lena Stevens

Source: The Power Path

Monthly forecasts will be posted on the first of every month on our website. To receive Moon Updates and other information, please sign up for our email updates on the top right corner of our home page.

For more detailed information about the influences for 2013,
TRENDS 2013 audio is available by Mp3 or CD (link here).

The primary theme for March is MOVEMENT.

However, March is a split personality month with the first couple of weeks giving us more of February’s watery course. During this time, watch for continued unexpected emotional debris surfacing from the depths. It may seem like nothing is moving and the surface is quiet, but there is a lot going on underneath. We have called this time period “Roll With the Punches”.

Mid month, the underwater movement comes to the surface as the storm gathers and unleashes its energy in full force much like a sprinter at the Olympics. This sprinter has set goals, dreamed, trained and remained very focused to get where they are and this is the time to put it all together. We are calling this time frame “Ready, Set, GO!”

During the first part of the month it may seem like not much is active as the movement is subtle, unfocused and subconscious. Beware of letting down your guard as we are still in the time of unpredictability. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, strong tides, storms and floods are not always apparent until they actually unleash their power. Remember not to underestimate what goes on beneath the surface and pay attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) signs. Even if you spend a lot of time feeling “spaced out”, just know that there is lots going on that you may not be consciously aware of. Read more

The Oracle Report

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

We are moved to share our thoughts, ideas, and projects with others during Disseminating Moon phases.  In doing so, we add on to or build on what we already have based on what we learn from others.  So it is important to share yourself this weekend even though the energy inclines us toward wrapping ourselves up so no one can truly see us.  Fears about judgement from others, rejection from others, and disapproval from others are strong Saturday with the various astrological aspects.  The energy pushes an element of division and separation from others (emotionally, mentally, and physically).  The common reaction is to self-protect, isolate, and put up a barrier so that we don’t get hurt.  But this is the exact opposite of what we need to do.  We need to share ourselves authentically and let the chips fall where they may.

Sunday’s energy is rather unique in that we find ourselves engaged in important practice for something that is upcoming.  There is a high degree of foreshadowing of future events.  It is a good idea to take notes or journal what is going on in your life, what you hear from others, and what sparks your interest.  Sunday is a day to fill yourself up or replenish your resources for something that is in the near future.  Jupiter moves to the degree known as “a quiver filled with arrows” and the Sun is located at the degree of “an officer drilling his men in simulated attack.”  What do you make of that?


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Thanks to John Smallman

Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual realms we watch with love and compassion as you continue to hold and display your Light to the world.  It is truly exceptionally effective, so although your media would have you believe that all is proceeding absolutely normally – from crisis to crisis, as “experts” attempt to resolve the issues that threaten the economic, social, and political stability all across the world — rest assured that all is moving ahead as divinely planned and that all these issues will be resolved peacefully and most efficaciously for the benefit of all mankind.

Your loving intent is the most powerful way in which you can bring pressure to bear to effect the essential changes needed in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to resolution to be overcome. Love is the answer.  You all know that, but frequently it is very difficult to maintain loving…

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The Oracle Report

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Let’s see if I can untangle the nest of brambles that is today’s energy.  Let’s take them one by one:

  • Fight or Flight:  Today brings circumstances or events where we will need to choose between fighting (directly engaging something/ someone head on) and fleeing (mentally retreating to reason or think things out).  Circumstances and events may be taking us out of our comfort zone or range of experience/expertise.  There’s “battle energy” in play, so don’t go about unguarded.  Use the technique of visualizing the shaft of light surrounding you, moving with you.  We will need to stalk this energy or it will stalk us.  Be aware.  Above all, don’t pretend to be more than you are.  Humility goes along way today because it is stealthy.
  • Crazytown:  The crazy is likely to come out today and it involves religious/spiritual motifs.  “Religious ideation” and “messiah complexes” are present to varying degrees.  This runs the spectrum of people believing they have all the answers and are totally in control of matters to bizarre cult-like behavior.
  • Chiron Point Persists:  The Moon will oppose the Chiron Point (see yesterday’s post in the Archives) while Venus and Neptune continue close conjunction at the Chiron Point as the Sun and Chiron continue their close conjunction.  That’s about as “Chiron” as we could get.  Chiron energy is self-sabotaging, among other things (it has wonderful teaching and healing abilities as well).  But with the battle energy that is also present, we could do real damage to ourselves today.  In ancient mythology, Chiron was the teacher of great warriors like Hercules, Achilles, and other heroes.  So if we find ourselves in a theatre of battle (the theatre of the mind or the theatre of the world around us), we need to direct our efforts outward and not inward.  Chiron wounded his foot with a poison arrow he made for Achilles (the Achilles heel).  Wise owls here here at the Oracle Report are familiar with shooting arrows.  Shoot them where they belong and not at yourself.  Watch your step and hold the rail.  Neptune/Pisces rules the feet and we are under heavy influence by Neptune and Pisces.  (I could write a disseration on transiting Neptune conjunct the natal Sun in Pisces with Chiron Point ascendant.  I know of what I speak.)

Hidden within today’s nest of energy is a crowning jewel, so please don’t mistake this report to negate anything beautiful today.  The Venus-Neptune conjunction continues to bring out the highest forms of spirit and real-life manifestations of our inner world.  Find the beauty within the day.  Let’s not forget what is truly important: We are having a love affair with the goddess embodied as the planet and joining her on the grand stage of her creative experiment of humanity. 


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