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Friday, March 28, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Did you find beauty and respite in nature yesterday?  Were you lucky enough to see last night’s Moon? I came upon it suddenly as I rounded a hill.  I can recall few things that have taken my breath away, but this Moon left me suspended.  This is the best photo of it I could find in the time I have to look.  Perhaps other photos will surface on the net as the day goes on.

The energy today is restorative.  Pressure is relieved.  People, places, things and situations will come back in to bounds.  This includes emotions.  We’re rectifying.  This is welcomed because we need to take care of things that have been hanging over our heads – loose ends, things we’ve procrastinated about, things we’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time, anyplace where we feel like we’ve “fallen down on the job.”  We need to complete these things by April 5.  On April 5, the transiting Black Moon will begin the cycle of death and rebirth that comes from it’s opposition to the Galactic Center.  The “death” or “degeneration” part of the cycle will last until May 7.  Each of us will come to have a deeper understanding of the core of who we are.

Note that this begins right before the New Moon in Aries that I have been discussing all this week.  We know that we will begin to emerge from an energetic “cocoon” at that time.  The process culminates with the Black Moon making exact opposition with the Galactic Center on May 7, just before the New Moon in Taurus.  I will go into this more (and how the archetypal energy of Pallas Athena and the new Mahavidya who is coming on duty play into all of this) in an upcoming audio file.

For now, continue the clean up.  Clear out, purge, release, forgive, forget, and take care of what remains.  Look for the Moon.  Notice the gradations in the colors of nature.

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