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The Galactic Free Press Update: Good News!

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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 27 March 2013

Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

 The Full Moon for March is all about LOVE Love is the Key and the Way! Quoted from Judy Sartori

Greetings Love Beings, When We said we were in Intense Energies, We Were not kidding. We have been experiencing lots of Huge Shifts with no signs of stopping. The Energy with the Equinox and Now the Libra Full Moon has Kicked us Into High Gear. Next Up will be Easter which represents Resurrection. This is a perfect representation of the ego death and the Phoenix Rising. The Real Being will be rising from out of the ashes. This is what is occurring Now for those First Wavers Who are Ready for Full Activation and are going through the Transfiguration Event to Connect to the Higher Grid for a New Paradigm Creation. We are In the Year for Unity Consciousness and this is exactly what is unfolding. The Good News is, We have Many of The First Wavers Almost ready! These Next Few weeks and Months many Will Come On Line and Begin their Next Missions On Planet Earth=Heart, The Co~ Creation of the New Earth. Yeehaw, for those who have done their clearing, Have Chosen Love and Are Prepared for the Next Facet of the Divine Plan.

Quoted from Meline Lefont “It is with the greatest of pleasure that I may announce to all of you, precious hearts, that a huge shift has taken place and is currently still unfolding. A wonderful progress has been made in the hearts and in the collective of humanity. Big leaps have been taken by many hearts and countless awakenings are still occurring thanks to the energetic influx of the spring equinox and to the energies coming in from Galactic center.

A large number of awakened souls have diligently participated in this process and have enlightened their soul in such a way that a big part of the collective have instigated a new Ascension process. As we now enter into this profound and refined world of our Being, all preparations have been made for the next step leading us ever further into the magic of our Being. Numerous influences of the Light have been birthed which will assist everything on Earth to evolve in a more explicit way, Read more

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