The Planetary Crystalline Grid

The Planetary Crystalline Grid
The Grid is part of our NEW consciousness matrix! It is a manifestation of our evolutionary process and the patterned growth of universal consciousness. We are all co-creators of this crystal matrix of diamond light energy. It is a self operating and self sustaining system of communication and energy transfer. It is strengthened as more and more people connect into it. It’s potential is infinite.

This is a worldwide Call for Unification in our efforts to co-create a planetary civilization of light and galactic society The time has come for us to truly clarify and embody the concept of unification in order to synchronize our heart-mind intent into one giant network of divine intent. By understanding that we all are on the same mission with our individual focus and roles, we work towards a conscious transformation of our individual efforts into one collective and very influential energy matrix.

unityearthOur unification on the planetary Crystalline Gridallows us to continuously receive and exchange information in absolute knowing which is essential to accelerating our evolution as a species and in alignment with the Greater Plan. As each of us enlists our services with the unified collective, we reinforce this planetary network of light while fostering the creation of the inter-galactic bridge.

Serving as human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit pure, love based frequencies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of light on this grid matrix and the channeled webbing expands into greater fields of this mass unification. With aligned intent, we accelerate the unification process especially into the areas of the world not currently being accessed. We greatly assist in the completion of all conflict and bring higher consciousness to the hearts of the multitude.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our grid unification is to amplify the power of light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all major conflict and destructive energy in and among our population. Moreover, this extraordinary field of unification creates an influential forcefield capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every corner of the world.

The Crystalline Grid:

crystal blue

Vehicle for Mass Unification

The Crystalline Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional worlds. This elaborate geometric grid was also known to the ancients and is why many of the world’s pyramids, religious sanctuaries and mystical sites coincide with its lines. It is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the New Earth consciousness paradigm is anchored.

Sparkling as a faceted diamond, this “grid of light”, also referred to as the Grid of Love, Unity Grid, the Ascension Grid and the Christ Consciousness Grid, is a higher dimensional structure that has always existed around the entire planet for its use by humanity. We give great gratitude to the many beings who have contributed to the repair and reactivation of this grid structure, which, some people say was previously used during the time of Atlantis to support its higher dimensional existence.  This grid is increasingly charged as more of us connect to and merge into its multidimensional expansive energy.

Crystalline Grid Key Points

spiral Our new spiritual foundation and template of New Earth energy

spiral Serves as a transitory bridge supporting the planetary shift

spiral A massive global and universal spiritual telecommunications system

spiral A planetary wide meridian system and “cosmic internet”

spiral A storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet

spiral Connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world

spiral Gifts stabilization to our transfiguration processes
By consciously connecting into the Grid, we all become stronger receivers and transmitters of the higher light frequencies… as one synergistic beam of ascension energy. As you merge into this crystalline diamond light matrix, you will open up to your highest human potential.

By uniting as a collective force on the Unity Grid and with unified intent, we can accelerate the mass awakening of consciousness and bring more and more people across the bridge.

The Unified Mission

What is the grid network?

There are numerous geographical areas of the earth which serve as the “central  power stations” of the grid across the globe. These places hold a high concentrated level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive energy fields used to support this grid matrix.

125shasta     125pyramids     125stone     125uluru
For example… Mt. Shasta, Pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge and Uluru
are four of thousands of other places upon Earth serving in this way.

Numerous network channels branch off from these central power stations and connect into smaller nodules of concentrated crystalline energy as periphery power stations. These supporting nodes are other strong locations that hold a high concentration of crystalline light force. In between the periphery power stations are a multitude of light networks that are established for the transmission of energies to and from individual people, certain groups, world events, governments, the media, environmental concerns, world issues, etc.

We, as the human portals and radiators of this Grid and crystalline energy, can direct tremendous amounts of transforming energy from the grid to certain people, places and events. We can also be charged and recharged with endless energy as we connect into the grid and go about our mission in the outer world.

The grid is a storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet and holds the template for the New Earth energetics. By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions on to the grid, this creates a unified harmonic frequency that connects our collective higher light into one forcefield. Imagine the power!
In this new consciousness matrix, we have easier access to all knowledge and to unlimited energy. We open up to our highest Divine Human potential. We become energy alchemists and masters of manifestation… as one unified light beam. By connecting to the grid daily and using this as our bridge into the New Earth reality, we will make profound and accelerated impact upon our individual process, planet Earth and that of the mass awakening of humanity.



Examples of Howto use the Grid

spiral To send Love and healing to others; to heal oneself

spiral To instantly connect with other individuals and groups

spiral To assist with personal and planetary transformation

spiral To activate latent coding

spiral To access the universal language of light

spiral To develop and transmit telepathic communication

spiral To link the world into unity consciousness

spiral To develop skills in expanded consciousness

spiral To communicate more easily with other dimensional light intelligences

spiral To use as an entry and exit point for interdimensional travel

spiral To embody absolute knowing

More Information:

There is a growing amount of grid information on the internet. Following are two key articles:

The Ascension & the 144 – Crystal Grid
By Tyberonn

The Christ Grid
By Ronald L. HoltDirector of Flower of Life Research


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