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Cosmic Weather – Full Moon Report, 10.29.12 ~ The Depth of Awakening.

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Hello friends. It’s the Full Moon before Halloween, the “Hunter’s Moon” and it’s a powerful one. Time has been moving so quickly in the past week and this weekend we have an Aries moon which is also a fast mover. The upcoming Full Moon in is Taurus which definitely is a slower and more meditative type of energy. The Sabian Symbols for the current Sun and Moon are particularly powerful and interesting, and a good reflective time as we prepare to go into the current energies even deeper. A reminder that the period from the Full Moon to New is a good time for reflection and letting go when the moon is waning. We will also see other things coming to fruition in these energies. It’s definitely a time to be approached with eyes open! We have both a New Moon and Solar Eclipse approaching on 11/13 in the window of the 11:11 Stargate, which also promises to be powerful.

NOTE: All Sabian Symbols are taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones,” and are shared in their original context.

Full Moon: Taurus 7 – A woman of Samaria. This is a symbol of the unimpeachable divinity which characterizes man’s nature at root, represented here by his instinct for higher things as he yet plumbs all experience to the depths and welcomes life almost indiscriminately into the uttermost inner reaches of his being. Implicit in the reversed symbolism of this famous amoral figure of Biblical times is an indomitability of striving for real and gratifying self-fulfillments. The keyword is *awakening.*

When positive, the degree is absolute and wholly impersonal self-giving in the hope of an honest self-realization, and when negative, a debasing and carefree dissoluteness accepted in compensation for the unattained and more enduring satisfactions. – Marc Edmund Jones

This symbol is based on the biblical story of “The Woman at the well.” (John 4:4-42) In short, Jesus encounters a woman at a well and speaks of the “Living water,” which is water than when one drinks it their thirst is forever quenched. This is associated on a mystical level with the search for the Soul or divine Self which contains wisdom, peace and love and ultimately, our enlightenment. At first the woman ignored his teachings and did not recognize any wisdom in them until he started to tell her about herself. Isn’t this just the way of ego sometimes? We may overlook teachings or other opportunities if we don’t think they apply to us. This is all about being awake and aware to what the Universe may present to us. To not only “think outside the box,” but to even put the box aside altogether.

Keepers commentary: What are you awakening to? Right view always involves the eradication of certain karma(s.) It can be karmic limitation that creates a limited view, which may include dis-ease and lack in all forms. Awakening often encompasses healing on a deep level. Healing the areas of consciousness that are hiding in plain sight, asking to be acknowledged. In this instance, let Love conquer All. Let divine Mother Ocean cleanse of you all fear, regret and unforgiveness for yourself and others. And so it is. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 10.25.12

Peter Murphy – Deep Ocean Vast Sea

Sun: Scorpio 7 – Deep-sea divers. This is a symbol of the absolute integrity of man’s nature at root, dramatized here by his insatiable determination to plumb all experience to the depths and to uncover the illimitable reaches of potentiality in his world of everyday relationships. Implicit in the symbolism is a challenge to self-refinement through a subjection of the skills of self to every possible test or opportunity for a further perfection. Self-fulfillment is through an ever-increasing interest in day-by-day problems. The keyword is involvement. When positive, the degree is a persistent penetration to the very vital core of human motive and make-up, and when negative, fundamentally unsocial instincts and a resort to wholly absurd escapism. – Marc Edmund Jones

This is a perfect symbol correspondence to the moon. We certainly need to be involved in our own awakening. To be willing to descend to the depths, and do what is required and necessary. To not turn away in escapism or drown in these depths, but to respect them for the powerful and true opportunity that they provide us.

Love & blessings all. ~ Irma Kaye Sawyer/Cosmic Weather

NOTE: Full Moon is 10.29 at 12:49 pm PDT/3:49 pm EDT. Wave photo by Bret Langford.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.


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