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Full Moon Update 10-29-12

dogmoonDear Friends,

Full Moon is Monday, October 29 at 1:50 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a busy full moon and a good time to get things done. If you have a project or something that can use a boost, ask for help. A community of people can really create something huge during this full moon time so don’t be afraid to ask big, think big and manifest big. Some of you may be inspired at this time to complete something, clean something, change something. Get help if you need it.

This is a very physical full moon so you may experience everything from physical tension in the body to a lot more energy to go and do something physical. Make sure to move the body during this time so that the energy doesn’t back up.

You probably won’t get much sleep during this one but instead of resisting it, use it and have fun. Fun is the operative word here. Many of you probably feel there has been a lack of fun lately so go have some fun and it should what is fun for you not what you think ought to be fun and isn’t.




Written by Patricia Liles
Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Taurus Full Moon  
Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Taurus 6º
October 29 1:50 PM MDT (October 29 7:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Taurus and Scorpio polarity themes will be activated in our lives with this Full Moon ~ that is our physical resources (money, possessions, security, self worth) and our psychological/sexual resource (the mysterious, unseen, essential, shadowy, and power-infused).  Through the lens of Taurus/Scorpio, we weigh and determine what has real and lasting value in our lives, feel the burden (or commitment) of what we are attached to, and engage in the human dance of death, loss, grief and rebirth.  Not lightweight topics, but we expect nothing less from two of our power signs – fixed, earth Taurus and fixed, water Scorpio.  Power signs, including Leo and Aquarius, are not indecisive about where they are headed.  They tend to know what they want and are out to get it.  Everything else is a distraction.  Maybe a little inflexible at times, but they know what they value.  Take the opportunity given at this time of year to clean up your act on the physical plane.  Clear some space of dead energies – closets, drawers, corners, garages, files, gutters – anywhere you think energy is blocked and can’t flow easily.  Give freely of the old to make way for the new energy.  We are preparing our lives for the influx of higher frequency energies coming with the end of this year and shaping the future.

So much is available to us in this chart; let’s break it down.

Grand Trine (with Kite formation)

The Sun in Scorpio this month is in a powerfully beneficial relationship with all the signs that rule our emotional bodies – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, our water signs.  Ceres in Cancer representing the three faces of the Goddess, mother, maiden, wise elder, is reaching out to the Neptune/Chiron combination in Pisces.  We have access to the highest level of feminine compassion and forgiveness through Neptune.  It represents our on-going healing of our relationship to the feminine at every level – most fundamentally, the Earth, and also the watering and encouraging of our cooperative selves, our loving and powerfully life-sustaining selves, and our honoring and surrendering to the great mysteries of life.  Saturn, newly moved into Scorpio, is what really gives this Grand Trine weight and conviction.  Symbolically, the Lord of Karma aligning with the source of life, our Sun, is saying, ‘I expect you to take this very seriously.’  You must be watering this part of your garden – the feminine – if you expect to have a seat at the feast of new, high frequency energies moving rapidly towards us with the main entrée.

The water Trine has the perfect outlet in the Full Moon in Taurus with its Venus ruler.  So look to physicality, finances and relationship.  Your connection to your physical body will be highlighted – notice where tension, pain, stiffness is showing up.  Who’s asking for attention?  Have you thanked your body part by part lately for the fine service it provides?  Touch, scent, beauty, harmonious sound, graceful movement, and nourishing taste bud excitement are called for at this Moon.  Sen-su-al-i-ty! Finances might also be your vehicle of expression now needing to be cleaned up, loose ends completed, tightening of paper trails, clarifying contractual arrangements.  Relationships can be a major focus for expression of this Moon as Venus rules and delights in all social intercourse.  Scorpio says, ‘get rid of what isn’t serving my highest good’ and Taurus says, ‘value and openly appreciate the ones you love’ for maximum use of this Grand Trine gift.

Venus as participant in Grand Square

Let’s look to Venus, ruler of Taurus and the chart, and see what work she is focused upon.  Crisis can be triggered with Venus opposing and activating the square between Uranus and Pluto.   Brilliant new ideas whose time have come antagonize and facilitate the breakdown of the outmoded and unsustainable.  By opposing Pluto, Ceres is creating the fourth leg of a Grand Square.  Very dynamic, but very tense, or frightening and exciting at the same time.  With two powerful feminine energies, Venus and Ceres in play with the Uranus/Pluto evolutionary push, it’s a call to do your forgiveness work and step into your deepest dark feminine power.  Reveal your ‘medicine’; live boldly and courageously without regard to what has gone before.  Ceres is the pivot here linking both the Grand Trine and Grand Square.


This Full Moon is a set up for the eclipse package about to unfold in November.  In two weeks, a total eclipse of the Sun at New Moon in Scorpio November 13 will be visible in northern Australia and the South Pacific.

Penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon will be November 28 in Gemini visible over Europe, East Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and most of North America.

Eclipses are like a major re-set button drawing a line on what went before and allowing a refreshing of the whole mechanism as the light of the Sun momentarily and figuratively blinks off.

Election Day and Mercury retrograde

November 6 Mercury will stop and go retrograde until Nov. 26.  Because Nov. 6 is Election Day in the USA, delay, confusion, unpredictability in results of the election are likely.  The only other time retrograde has happened on election day was in 2000 when Al Gore was elected and the results were thrown to the Supreme Court for decision and he conceded to their decision.  So watch the dramatics that take place as Mercury, The Messenger, ruler of all communications loses his forward motion.  This is an interesting topic and is well covered in this article by Alex Miller on The Mountain Astrologer website:  http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/election-days-mercury-station

And from Chinese Astrologer, Yasha Jampolsky these words of wisdom:
http://www.fourpillarshoroscope.com (see also his election prediction articles).

Of all the factors that influence elections, the conscious and unconscious desires of the group mind are the most powerful forces. Regardless of which candidate you favor, it is essential to maintain a positive mind set while voting. Together we can participate in a ritual that ignores oppositional attitudes, and supports consensus and positive change.

VOTE! While in the booth, envision a nation of empowered and fulfilled people enjoying abundance, and moving forward in a spirit of joy and enlightenment.

The possibilities for positive change that can be enjoyed by all are limitless. We can encourage the changes that need to take place by first creating them in consciousness.

Regardless of how different we may appear to each other, the similarities are greater that the differences. Regardless of who wins this election, you will have done your part in contributing to the greater good if you can hold the image of a common humanity that resides inside each of us.

Samhain is Nov. 1, Day of the Dead, the midpoint between Fall and Winter, when the veil is thin and we welcome in and honor our ancestors.

11/04 Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday

11/06 Mercury retrograde until Nov. 26

11/13 New Moon/Solar Eclipse/SuperMoon 3:08 PM     MST

11/28 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 7:46 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.
Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com


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