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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 05 October 2012

All Aboard!willsite

Now, Your Primary Focus as the Givers and Receivers of this Planet Earth=Heart,is to Put all of Your Focus on the Highest Truths, and then Share them.This would be Utilizing your Energy to the Highest Possible thought Equal to Experience, and then You receive more and more of Love Everywhere Present, which includes YOU!

The Atoms that make Up this Realm are just Vibrational Frequencies, of Pure Consciousness Energy. You are also made up of these Atoms. You are Just Energy. Now ask Yourself, How would you Like to Use this Energy? Our Answer [which is Always YES to LOVE] , is For the Greater Good of the ALL, in all Moments. This Experience, the same as “Love Everywhere Present”, is one of always Grander and Grander, Oh,My God, Experiences! This is Source Connection, Creation. This is the Energy which is only in the Present Moment of Now, LOVE. A Co-Creation of Ever Expanding, Eternal, Grandness, never ending, just becoming Grander! Is this an OH! My! GOD?  Read more

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