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Full Moon Update 9-29-12

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Saturday, September 29 at 9:19PM Mountain Daylight Time. Take this day in gratitude for all of your accomplishments no matter how small they seem to you. Gratitude will help to expand you into a larger container and will keep you from focusing on the small, negative and limited sight you may have experienced this month. If something is troublesome and feels out of control to you, give it over to spirit and then turn to gratitude and celebrate your accomplishments. This is a time to practice presence. When you are always in the future you can never appreciate where you have been and what you have done.



Written by Patricia Liles.
Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Full Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra 7º
Saturday, September 29 at 9:19 PM MDT
(Sunday, September 30 at 3:19 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

We are reaching crescendo with this Full Moon in Aries.  In the last two weeks since the initiation of the New Moon cycle, Pluto has exactly squared Uranus and we have weathered a change in seasons moving the Sun into Libra.  A tremendous tailwind for doing our part to move down the evolutionary track is upon us.  Some are soaring like never before practically bursting with all the new dynamic energies coursing through their lives and others are doing the deep work of clearing, accepting, forgiving and moving the whole closer to stronger self-love than has ever been experienced on the planet.  We cannot underestimate the power of Pluto.  As a transpersonal planet, it holds the energy for the transformation and evolution of the entire human species.  Combine that with the Uranian archetypes of ‘the Awakener’ and ‘the Liberator’ and its characteristic love of the unconventional, eccentric and sudden shift and Anything Can Happen At Any Time! (Remember this is ongoing for the next three years).

This Full Moon is a powerhouse!  The Sun and the Moon are aligned with Uranus, and they all are in hard aspect to Pluto with Ceres completing the fourth leg of a Grand Square.  Ceres as ancient Mother Goddess is the source of our nourishment and support and rules fertility, food, and the cycle of life.  She upholds and anchors a strong, feminine presence in this configuration of change and evolution that we are unfolding together.  When the Sun and the Full Moon add their weight to the Pluto/Uranus agenda, it can be a trigger of events in our personal lives.  So acknowledge what shows up and also what you are efforting to keep a lid on.

Beneath the prominent offerings of Pluto/Uranus lies an additional Grand Square formed by the North/South Nodes and Venus opposite Neptune.  Mars, our planet of action, the Warrior in all of us who wants physical action sits with the North Node-our point of growth where excitement and fear arise together as we push out into new areas neither familiar nor comfortable.  The Masculine/Mars element is being pushed to relate to its yin nature, as Mars is challenged by the Feminine aspects of our consciousness represented by Venus and Neptune in this configuration through the first week of October.  What is the yin nature of the Masculine?  Listening first, before firing off; watching fiery responses arise, but not acting on them impulsively; choosing from the heart; considering the good of all; cooperating with disparate groups to bring about positive change; supporting the Feminine; receiving as well as giving.

Before next New Moon, Saturn will be changing signs (October 6) and we will end the cycle of Saturn in Libra where we have spent the last two years challenged by lessons helping us to learn how balance and harmony are essential in our lives especially in the Libran area of relationships and partnerships.  What’s next?  Saturn in Scorpio will now step up to be our teacher for the next two years.  The North Node has been in Scorpio since Aug 30 and Mars has been in Scorpio since Aug 24, so we are not unfamiliar with the themes.  Scorpio favors intense transformations, unlike Libra who wants a harmonious resolution for all.  Scorpio favors a more Kali-like approach of slaying all pretense.  Scorpio likes to hold themselves apart and observe and gather strength, so if you have issues of pride, betrayal or self-deprecation, Saturn in Scorpio can set you up for a big mud puddle, no problem.  Be prepared to see what stands in the way of your true power’s best expression though.  The up side is we will all learn about stepping up to our true power and how to wield it with love and compassion.

There are at least five sextiles (opportunity and support energy) formed with the entire array of asteroid goddesses and the various points held in the tense Grand Squares, so we will have available to us the more subtle feminine qualities that they embody such as connection to the Earth, going inside and holding our sacred centers, wisdom and creative intelligence, and the balance of sacred tantric relationship.  Draw on all they offer.  We are creating the dream with immeasurable support every moment along the way.

10/15 New Moon in Libra 6:03 AM MDT

10/05 Saturn moves to Scorpio

10/22 Sun enters Scorpio

10/29 Full Moon in Taurus 1:49 Pm MDT

11/04 Daylight Savings Time Ends

Written by Patricia Liles.
Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com.

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