Ken Carey

Source: 2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog and Updates


          A life-changing experience began for me on the evening of January 21 and lasted until the evening of January 22.  It was so far beyond anything I had ever before imagined possible, so far beyond the ability of words to convey, it will never all be shared in print—though memories of forgotten moments will probably trickle in over the years.  If they arrive while I still have the gift of tongues, count on me to tell the tale.

I might as well begin with the context.  I sat down here at the computer as I usually do most afternoons and began replying to your comments.  Something brought to mind the subject of solar flares, and I became fascinated by a sense of their terrible beauty.  Suddenly I was inspired.  It was time to do a blog post on the subject, long in the back of my mind, and get some feedback from readers on how they would rate the probability that the Sun might play a role in the terrestrial distractions that will accompany the Creator’s awakening in our Human Family.  As my fingers began flying across the keyboard, I had the feeling that I was being slowly immersed in some unfathomable new power.  As I continued to type, I was taken up in Spirit and lifted to a high place where I could see both the Earth and the Sun.  My vantage point made an equilateral triangle with the Earth and Sun.   I was made to know that the visible absence of Mercury and Venus, and the disproportionate (shorter) distance between earth and sun was arranged in this way to better illustrate what I was about to be shown.  Read more

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