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The Ascension Process (revised article)

Submitted by Chris Bourneon 29 September, 2012 – 06:47

Are you undergoing the process of Ascension?

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. Planetary Ascension into a higher vibrational paradigm is taking place here and now all around us. We each have a ticket to join the new world. Are you beginning to ascend? What is this process of Ascension that is humanity’s intended destiny? The following article addresses these questions…

Gateways of Light

Through our work in helping people with their spiritual unfoldings, we observe that there are five key expansions of consciousness – through internal Gateways – leading to our ultimate Ascension. This can clearly be seen in the lives of the masters from Jesus to the Buddha.

They are as follows:

  • Gateway 1:”Awakening” – the magic of the soul and its unmistakable quiet inner voice is unveiled to us.
  • Gateway 2:”Realignment” – we surrender to the supreme governance of the soul in our lives. We align with the Divine Will.
  • Gateway 3:”Transfiguration” – dissolving of the ego, reunification of lower and higher self, we become the non-identified “Seer” of all things.
  • Gateway 4:”Enlightenment” – ‘fragments’ of the soul still identifying with past life karmic filters are released and reconnected. The soul becomes fully integral within our being.
  • Gateway 5:”Resurrection” – our seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. We are reborn as multidimensional beings.  Read more

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