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Be honest with yourself and be prepared

Posted on August 24, 2012

It is amazing how fast the summer has slipped away and fall has crept up behind us. Of course time really isn’t speeding up, rather the time lines are compressing and time itself is quickly becoming something entirely different for all of us. In actuality time does not exist beyond the present moment. We are sitting here between the compressing time lines and feeling the pressure, we can sense the urgency of what is taking place, and this often times makes us uncomfortable and anxious. Having had the timeline of December 2012 offered up to us as the ending of the old and the birth of the new, this I am sure has heightened our anxiety as we watch the days tick down to some coming event. If we are anxious about what lies ahead we can be sure the dark ones are as well. It is time to sit down with ourselves and take note of where we are at on our journey and be honest with ourselves, are we ready for what is coming? In the times that lie ahead we must remain calm and strong within, but how can we know how we will react to whatever comes our way?

It is past time to take our heads out of the sand and face the truth of our reality today. We must look at it, ingest it, but then let it go and refuse to entertain fear, but look we must! The dark ones are losing control and they are not going to give up their long-held plans without a fight. They have planned for world domination since the beginning of  time, they are so close to completing their dream, why in heaven would they go quietly? Are we ready for what they may dish out? Have we learned to temper our egos, have we discovered who we are and become close to that person? Can we rely on that person to keep it together when everything may be falling apart around us? Have we learned to control our emotions and go within to find calm and centeredness? We will need these things ahead.

It is one thing to sit here now and say yes to those questions, it may well be a whole other story when we are under great stress or faced with life threatening fear, then again, nothing may come about which is exactly my point. We don’t have the script for the last act of this performance, we know not what comes our way, but we must prepare as best we can to be able to handle any given situation. If the economy crashes there will be great chaos. A country with no money, no food, no way out of the desperate situation it finds itself in at that moment will be chaotic at best.  If we are prepared we will not be swept up in the turmoil. A great deal of what will happen in the days ahead depends upon our thoughts. Are we fearful and drawing to us that reality or are we positive and loving and feeling secure in who and what we have become? As always the choice is ours to make.

It would be wise for us to go within and find a way in which to calm ourselves. That may be meditation, walking meditation, washing dishes meditation, just being still meditation, whatever way you find to go within and be still and shut out the chaos around you, do it! Calm is first and foremost what will be called for as things begin to unravel. Whatever comes our way will most likely challenge us as never before and we don’t know for sure how we will react to that. If we know we can trust ourselves and our decisions we make, that is a strong foundation to have. If we can count on ourselves no matter what, we can face anything. If we can remain loving and stay in our hearts we know creator is there as well to support us.

So in the end we must face the truth of what may lie ahead, be prepared and trust ourselves and believe in ourselves as never before. If we have done our homework we are already at this point. Fear of what may lie ahead is a complete and utter waste of precious energy we will need. Why spend time fearing something that may never happen? At the same time just believing spaceships are going to come down and save us is fantasy. It is the present reality we must have the courage to face and be informed of, then let it go, do not dwell in fear. Stay in your hearts, stay loving, stay strong and be ready for anything that may come our way. We must stick together, give support to each other and above all be love!

Blessings to you all,


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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