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As you know this year we have lots of Solar flares, we are in the cycle and its been intense since the end of the Universal Underworld and 11 11 11. The Sun has been shifting frequency since 1981, and on the first day of no time and space 29th October 2011 after the end of the underworlds the light codes from the Sun where amazing, not long after that on the Solar Eclipse 25th November I could look at the Sun for ages at near noon and saw sacred geometry in the Sun. We are one with the Sun and we are changing fast just like the Sun and Earth and the Central Suns. So be open to the higher frequency light that is coming to us from the Sun and in the physical sense what is called sun spots and solar flares, these always up our frequencies as we open our heart to the Sun and radiate the light that we are more fully, as we become the Light that we are.
To quote from ‘The Solar Cycle 24 has begun – and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its ‘record breaking’ predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its ‘apex’ (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.’ 

The passage of Venus across the face of the Sun happens every 104 years. A Venus transit is an astronomical event where the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun – a sort of eclipse. Venus transits lasts for 6-7 hours and come in pairs separated by exactly 8 earth years minus two days.  The more recent Venus transits occurred in the years 1761/ 1769 and 1874/ 1882 with the most recent on June 8th 2004 and now June 6th 2012. Venus was considered very important to the Mayans and a sister planet to Earth. One ancient Mayan prophecy says that the new world of consciousness will be born on the occasion of the Venus Passage in June, 2012.
This transit is creating an energy cone through the Sun and Venus at the spaces in between that connects into the hearts of humans and opens the doorway to the universal love that shines from the Sun within our hearts. It is accelerating the heart opening and the June 8th 2004 transit was is a trigger point from the Solar Cross at 11 August 1999 and with the next Venus transit in 2012 it creates the dimensional shift for those who choose to be in the Heaven on Earth of their own creation through the higher levels of consciousness that we are and operate from.
In the build up to this transit there is much work going on in the inner planes assisting humanity to be receptive in their hearts to this cone of energy that is being gifted by this cosmic event.

We are coming to the end of a 26.000 year cycle and we have been feeling the effects of this for some time now, it’s not just a big thing happening on December 21st. Our Sun is aligning with Alycone the Central Sun as the Mayans showed in their pyramids with the Central Sun aligned to the temple at the top of the pyramid for the time we are entering now. The Ball Court had the Sun going through the hoop and where that happens is in the interstellar dust cloud and centre of our Galaxy. 

      The Galactic Centre is the cross over point, black hole where we move through as we complete duality and unify. Our Solar System is moving through the Galactic Plane 21st December 2012 according to lots of sources. Just remember everything is in the Now and in the Greater Reality we are already Light and Gods and Goddesses and the Source itself. In a smaller picture we are back from our future to heal our past, but it’s all Now. Enjoy the Now.

The old empires are falling away and the rule by fear and control is ending. Mother Earth will clear any resistance with earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and storms to sweep away and cleanse the old attitudes and programmes.

We are coming into the world of the Fifth Sun and birthing the New Earth.
We have moved back into the photon belt of light from the Central Sun and aligning to the
Greater Central Sun completing great cycles and for the first time doing this in a body. 2012 is a pivotal year where the old makes way for the new as in the heavens the Suns, Stars and Planets are aligning in sacred geometric patterns of synchronistic harmonics that support the shift right at the cellular level and what many of us have been preparing for.

     We are coming back into Divine Will and the bigger picture, the Golden Cycle, but this time in the physical as we transcend the limitations of density through our love and acceptance, by being the Light being we truly are. We need to learn the difference between divine will and my will, from service to others to service to self, and now we are back into unity consciousness and the awareness of the inter-connectiveness of all life. The beauty of creation is here for us to enjoy, it’s abundant and for everyone who so desires. Enjoy the wonderful transformations and opportunities of this amazing year.
Please see  and and

September is a big month; the core of the Earth is expanding and responding to the Solar Flares. The Solar Flares are pulling the Inner Earth Sun out of balance. This Full Moon we are utilising the Liquid Light Plasma and the fire into the core of the Earth September 5th. But for those of you who work in the bigger picture, and those who care about Earth, humanity, and themselves you might want to assist to balance the energies. Below I have inner work to do that will assist greatly, or you might tune in to do your own thing.
In order to assimilate and balance the Solar Flare influx; 
If each day up to Equinox we see the Solar Flares as lovingly embracing the Earth and the Earth responds in loving embrace of the Sun.
The electromagnetic grid needs to be kept balanced by visualising it absorbing the Solar Flares as the grid sparkles as Liquid Light Plasma comes from the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through the chakras then out through your Gold Body of Light as the same thing happens to the Earth.
Do your own chakras first with Golden Liquid Light Plasma coming down from the Source and Suns into each chakra. Then Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun, and then the Gold and Platinum Liquid Light Plasma balances in each chakra. Then aware of the Golden Sun in your heart out through all your bodies, one Golden Body of Light. 
Please see this link of the Liquid Light Plasma for full details and also link to connect first.
This will not take very long to do and once you have it you will be able to do it very fast.
Then imagine the same process for the chakras of the Earth. You do not need to know where all the Earth Chakras, there are different opinions re these anyway. But with your intention know that the Golden Liquid Light Plasma is coming from the Source into the Earth Chakras, then the Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun through all the Earth Chakras.
As they balance out the blocked and dark energies dissipate from the Earth and the inner earth Sun glows out through all of the earth and her outer bodies aligned through all the Suns. The Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, your Inner Sun, the Inner Earth Sun all one. 
When finished see a Diamond above your Cosmic Gateway Chakra and the Diamond comes down through all your  chakras and out through the Earth Chakras and Grids and touches into Inner Earth Sun as it becomes  Diamond bright through the Inner Earth Sun, Earth and Suns and Cosmos. If possible do everyday until the Equinox.
On this link is a journey to the Dark Universe, in the bigger picture the ultimate is simply be the Stillness. This is not to discount the inner work suggested here as in the denser realms we need to participate, but coming for the stillness and peace within is the greatest gift of all we can give.
AUGUST NZ 1.58am  1st SEPTEMBER …  AUST EST 11.58pm 31st AUGUST GMT 1.58pm 31st AUGUST
The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Pisces the spirit and cosmic bliss are illuminated and grounded through the Sun in Virgo. Be clear about your dreams and give them out to the Universe if you feel in your heart they are in alignment with your being in divine will. You are nurtured from your true Cosmic origins and can bask in the cosmic rays of love. Time to be from your love, compassion and giving nature as you share your joy with others and this beautiful planet. This energy is able to be fully embodied once you breathe through your fears of being in a body, and know and be your true cosmic self in a body on Earth. It is a good time with the Sun in Virgo opposite to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings.  
This Full Moon is igniting the Liquid Light Plasma that is the gel that connects your RNA and DNA through all your being and allows you to be the cosmic being you are. Today a doorway is opening through your cells and sub atomic particles to awaken and ignite the Liquid Light Plasma flow, that tones your body and mind into your heart beat and earth beat in harmony with the cosmos. To float in the cosmic ocean in omnipresence and let go completely into the void and stillness within and without, that is all creation. A deeper sense of self and your part in creation, one with creation will illuminate your consciousness if you choose.
The Moon is now reflecting the Second Sun as well, and this is the first Full Moon that shines the RA Light so powerfully that it can not be missed any longer. The Second Sun has been around for a long time now and in my Handbook of RA is a lot about it and working with it.
It influences the tides and our bodies even more than the Moon does. And now in this full Moon just before the Equinox, and with all the changes going on in the Earth itself and in ourselves, its influence will be felt by most unconsciously. But if you are sensitive you will feel the difference in the Moons illumination. The Liquid Light Plasma beams through your central channel and chakras and the RA Light of the Second Sun comes in for a double whammy of Liquid Light and RA Light that will not only tune up your chakras and central channel but also you RNA and DNA. 
On the link for Liquid Light Plasma is how to work with it through your chakras from the Source and outer Suns above and Inner Earth Sun below, all one. You might want to add to this the awareness of the Second Sun’s RA Light flowing from the Moon as it reflects not only the Sun, but Second Sun and be aware of it illuminating all your holograms.
Your holograms are light filaments you have created through time and space to experience creation. They can be termed past and future life experiences but are way more than that. They are all you have created as a Creator Goddess God to experience your creation, and not only earth experiences but other world and dimensional experiences that are all within you. As you cleanse your Etheric Blueprint and open up to you Divine Blueprint you open to the holograms of your love more fully.
If you are interested in working with this more then in LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS is about the etheric blueprint and cleansing it, and in the DIAMOND LIGHT ILLUMINATION WORKBOOK activating your Divine Blueprint.
Working with your holograms is in  HANDBOOK OF RA
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 31st AUGUST; 9 (completion, fulfillment, expansion) YELLOW (South – ripens, allows)
RABBIT – LAMAT (doorway, harmony, beauty, expanded love)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 1st SEPTEMBER;10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation)  RED (East – electrifies, initiates)
WATER- MULUC  (awakening, remembrance, flow, divine guidance)


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