Antraeus de Herschia

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“The mind is like a child, its understanding is so limited. It constantly lives in fear and it feels secure by possessing, by labeling, by creating boxes for everything. It is always analysing the past or the future. Bringing the understanding that we are not the mind but can always watch the activities of the mind, brings us to the greater understanding of the Present moment.
I have noticed that being in the Present moment brings the experience of being the witness of life, being in oneness with life, being in the place of immense trust in existence that the need to possess or judge does not arise.” ~ Premlatha Rajkumar.

Now, now!

By Antraeus de Herschia


“In your reality time is a product of mass. You live in quite a dense reality, so time is a bit slow moving, a little bit fixed in the way it behaves. As you reclaim more of your own light and accept the gifts of light that are offered to you, so you become lighter in spirit. You feel to yourselves that you are lighter or have less mass, and your relationship with time becomes freer…Now, not 2012, is the point of power. If you wish to experience this freer relationship with time, simply be present. As so many of your spiritual teachers have said, now is the only time that really matters. You can safely let 2012 look after itself!” – Sananda (channelled by Christopher Sell, ‘2012 – An Overview,’ 15 July 2010,

Be here, now. Be where you are and who you are. Be here and be in the now or be in the now and find yourself here. The result is the same. Stop chasing and trying to find yourself in the world of illusion. Being is here. Experience is there. The experiences point to Being only in that they are what we are not, as the Moon reflects the Sun’s light. They lead indirectly, not directly, to Being, then. We experience (fourth dimension) in order to know who and what we are in contrast to that which we are not. And, when we look in the direction of true Being, we see and feel ‘Light and love.’ When we look in the direction of the screen of the outside world and the experiences it offers, we see and feel darkness, pain, suffering and limitation because it does not lead to Being, to Reality, and can therefore never fulfil us. Turn within. To be here, now is to be aware of your being on all levels from the physical to the spiritual (at least to some degree). During childhood, our experiences and conditioning cause us to leave our bodies, leaving only a small portion of self-awareness behind (physical personality). So, we have limited awareness of ourselves, like robots, dependent on a world projected outside of ourselves. We are walking subconscious automatons as long as we are not feeling everything within us and allowing our consciousness to flow unimpeded. We are separating the conscious part of our minds from the whole so that we remain unconscious of our ‘inner’ selves. We are not fully here.

“You cannot find your soul with your mind. You must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously.” – Gary Zukav.

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