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Enlightened Beings ~ How to Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential

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Jafree Ozwald | July 26 2012

“You are the all-pervading, all-transcending Reality. Behave accordingly.” ~ Nisargadatta

Through your entire life you were programmed by the system to believe that you were limited in power, intelligence, and energy. Everyone around you believed they were limited, so they unconsciously passed on their limited understanding to you. They didn’t do it purposely, your parents truly thought they didn’t always have access to an infinite source of love, healing, and joy which is why they may have behaved less than unconditionally loving with you. The most important thing now is to realize with all your heart that you have an infinite potentiality inside you that can manifest anything you can imagine. With accepting and embracing this one simple idea all throughout your day, many miraculous things will begin flowing into your life.

There was a fascinating science experiment done on fleas many years ago that is a great example of how people can be tricked into believing they are small limited beings. Fleas have the ability to jump 200 times the size of their body, meaning they can leap about 13 inches into the air. So they took a group of fleas and placed them into a closed jar that was only a few inches tall. Every time the fleas would jump, they’d hit the glass lid with their heads and fall back down to the bottom of the jar. They quickly learned that there was a glass ceiling in their life, and they simply could not jump higher than a few inches. After a few hours they took the fleas out of the jar and placed them on the ground where the fleas continued to jump only a few inches high. They learned that their powers were limited, and believed the glass ceiling was still above their heads.

Chances are high that every person you have met in your life has lived their entire life with a glass ceiling over their head. This has made you believe that that you also have a glass ceiling, or that you should have one to fit in! The deeper truth is that you don’t have one and never did. On the road to realizing your unlimited potentiality be very aware of that imaginary glass ceiling that feels like an emotional and mental roadblock for you. There are belief systems you didn’t even know you had, where you fight to keep your smallness instead of letting go and trusting that you have access to all the power, energy and intelligence you could ever desire.

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