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Surprise, surprise!  What no one expected, especially in the year 2012 as we count down to December 21.  The official announcement went out as headline news around May 11th.

In the ruins of an ancient city, somehow missed by previous archaeologists, treasure hunters, and looters, deep in the Guatemalan rainforest, a whole room was discovered – untouched by anyone – a room of incredibly bright Maya artwork and walls of calculations. . . that extend what is on the Sun Stone far into the future.  Never mind anyone’s notion of an apocalypse on 12-21-12, this earlier and more extensive version of the Mayan Calendar is proof positive that any end-date exceeds any sense of timing our scientists and visionaries can conjure.

One of those interpreting this amazing find is David Stuart, archaeologist with the University of Texas:  “The Mayan Calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future.  Numbers we can’t even wrap our heads around.”  As an example, one of the dates that has been deciphered extends the Calendar to 8,000 years into the future.  And, that’s just for starters.

The end-date of 12-21-12 has always been more a creation of archaeologists, historians, keepers of Mayan lore and wisdom – a date based mostly on interpretation, not fact.  The actual date was never found until a few years ago when it was discovered on the back of a door in a ruined city, and again more recently when it was noticed as part of stair carvings that recorded key dates during a ruler’s reign.

The Mayan Sun Stone, what we regard as their main Calendar, is a treasure, to be sure, that records the passage of the world’s evolutionary history in ways no modern has been able to duplicate.  Gazing at the newest find, we can’t help but be awestruck.  The astronomer-priests of Maya were even far more brilliant than anyone knew.  No modern mind, whether scientist or shaman, can fully comprehend what they did – a gift to the world that will keep on giving longer than records survive.


The Mayan Calendar’s supposed ending has inspired a flood of books and papers about many levels and types to its revelations that, as far as I am concerned, are far more interesting than the notion of an end-date.  Ideas like the alchemy of nine dimensions and the collapse of time suggest that what the astronomer-priests were really trying to record and pass on – was a device to be used for tracking the development of consciousness on the earthplane.  Studied in that light, the Mayan Calendar is and remains a relevant and exciting guide.

The Great Shifting that is now occurring (happens every 25,920 years) is massive, and is being felt by everyone alive.  To give you a brief heads up on the initial part of this Shift, here are a few astrological dates and points to think about, that may prove helpful to you:

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