LOVE is……

It seems to me that the whole world is looking for love – there are numerous dating sites on the net, ‘heart-line’ ads in magazines and in the papers, not to mention the adverts on TV. We’re all made to feel that we’re not complete without a love partner. However, although it may sound strange to those who cannot imagine life without a partner, some of us are very happy without a partner and don’t feel that we’re incomplete, or lacking at all.

Over the years, the search for Self has changed me and my outlook on life so completely, that I can and will no longer take second best – I can’t and won’t have a relationship which is a compromise. I’ve had my share of relationships and had my heart broken like most people, but the love I’ve found with partners has never been able to weigh up against the Love I’ve found in the Light. To me, what has been called love here in 3D cannot compare to Love. This Love guides, comforts, fulfils, sustains and completes me. So how could I possibly feel that love is lacking in my life? How could I feel incomplete? If anything, this Love has completed and enriched me, by helping me to find an endless reservoir of love in my heart – a love that gives me great joy to share with everyone and everything.

The Love of the Light is unconditional, something I haven’t yet found in a partner. In my experience so far, unconditional Love is rarely felt, understood or returned by people in relationships. Unconditional Love asks for nothing in return, but it won’t allow abuse either. This is because the first thing it teaches you is to love and value yourself. Until you unconditionally love and value yourself, you cannot unconditionally love another. There is only one human example of unconditional love that I can think of, which is the love a mother feels for her children. Mother Earth loves humanity unconditionally as well – She will do everything in Her power to Love, feed, comfort and support Her children no matter what they do, or how they hurt Her. I realise that there are some who have never known this kind of love from their mothers, which is very sad. However, the harsh programming we have been subjected to all of our lives has taken much more of our humanity away from us than we currently realise and we have a lot more healing to do.

All the pain we have experienced in our lives will be healed by the Unconditional Love in the Light. We do however have to do our share by opening up to feeling the pain and allowing the Light of Love in for it to heal us. This year, we will all experience the Light of Love, as this is what the increase in vibration is all about – the higher the vibration, the more Light will enter the Earth and our bodies/beings, and the more Light will stay in our energy bodies. We will literally become ‘enlightened’ Beings. The Light will manifest as Love in our hearts – a Love so Unconditional that nothing can compare!

Touched by Love

I searched, but couldn’t find

that feeling

they said it was here, but they were wrong

I yearned for it, never knowing


what it was, or how it would feel

I thought I touched on it, once or twice

but they were

only drops, when I wanted oceans

I reached across the planes

and dimensions

for this feeling I needed so much

And when I finally found it, I cried

with happiness

and then sorrow, because then, I knew

That such a feeling of pure love, pure joy

pure ecstasy

could never be contained in this dimension

For even now, I’ve not even begun

to describe

just how much LOVE touched me!


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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