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Message to Our American Families from The Pleaidian Ring of 500 – Affiliates of The Pleiadian Council of Light

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The original message from Peter came through on February 27, 2012, but I was hesitant to share it until I saw a video this morning (embedded at the bottom of this post) that proposed something similar. After further discussion with my Pleiadian brother Peter, I agreed to record his telepathic message on the subject. Although this message leans more toward Americans, I do think it can be applied globally. ~ Jen

Hello, Jen, it is I, Peter, your Pleiadian brother from The Ring of 500, Affiliates of the Pleiadian Council of Light. We are so pleased to hear from you how many people have delighted in our first message through you. We thank you and your friends who helped spread the message across your Internet system. As you stated to some of your friends, our first message was, yes, basically geared toward the newly awakened souls of your planet. We apologize for its length, but we felt the need to cover a lot of ground quickly. Jen, you have wondered about taking questions from people, and that would be fine, although we do not wish to wear out our channel too quickly! We have lots we wish to share with you, as you know, and several others within our group are very eager to talk to you and through you, as well.

The hot topic of the moment, as we are well aware, is the financial situation. I spoke to you last night about making the suggestion, and I know you were a bit nervous with the subject matter, but now that you have seen the video about the “I don’t pay” movement that is quickly sweeping your way in the United States after kicking off quite successfully in Greece, you have communicated to me that you feel more comfortable with the subject matter we discussed last night, so let’s get down to it.

Although you are witnessing many big bank CEOs resigning left and right across the globe, you need to know that those of you who are still cruising along with the “business as usual” attitudes, dutifully paying your bills and your taxes there in the United States of America…you are the very people who are keeping the financial elite alive and hanging on by a thread. Okay, maybe more like a pretty thick rope. You see, even though some of them have been cut off by larger, international lending institutions, their bread is still buttered by the profits they make from the money they have lent you and are collecting monthly – with interest. Yes, we are speaking of loans and credit cards. Those bits and pieces – mere scraps, mind you, compared to what they WERE hoarding for themselves in stolen, fiat money – are what continue to support these thieves who keep all their riches to themselves.

Now, if the money were real – backed by something substantial such as gold and precious metals, or gemstones, even, then we would hesitate to suggest what we are about to, be it considered a  somewhat unethical tactic. HOWEVER, if you have been paying attention and doing your homework, you know that most of the money that is loaned out by the Federal Reserve to the hardworking citizens of your country doesn’t even exist in most cases. So…that being said…and given what these immoral scoundrels have done to keep the majority of you in lack for centuries, we feel no guilt for what we are about to suggest. But, of course, it is going to take the majority of you to pull it off.

Here’s our suggestion. Cut them off. As much as you can. We’re not suggesting you put your home ownership on the line, of course. But, if you can get by without a credit card or two…or three or four…then stop paying them. Especially those with the highest interest rates. Student loans are another one to sacrifice. After all, they cannot repossess your education.

If this is absolutely out of the question for you, then consider filing bankruptcy on credit card debt if you are able. Although, do know, most big lending houses are insured for this sort of thing. But, again…insured with fiat money. But, still, somehow it continues to have value.

These are the small steps you can take right out of your very own home without having to spill into the streets or subject yourselves to tear gas at an Occupy event. And it will free up more cash for the more important things in life – while your cash still has any value, that is.

If enough people participate in this “I don’t pay” movement, you will see those with all the power crumble much, much faster. Again, it is a suggestion. Do know that a new financial system is on its way. There is nothing to fear in empowering yourselves in this manner. You will not be penalized for doing so with the new financial system.  The only folks who will be penalized are the elite families who kept so much from you for so long.

Remember, none of you were ever meant to experience such lack. No one was ever meant to live in poverty. Your rightfully entitled abundance has been stolen from you by a group of cold, senseless beings . It is entirely up to you whether or not you reclaim it.

We will continue to brainstorm on our end new and creative ways to assist you in reclaiming your financial abundance. We are still running numbers and other detailed scenarios on what a complete and total global work stoppage might accomplish for you. We realize it is extreme and radical, but so is creating $16 trillion out of thin air, if you know what we mean.

We wish you all the best, and, of course, to “live long and prosper.” Ahh, but we jest. In all seriousness, we do wish to let your audience know that, despite what you see as a dismal outlook for your financial sector, we truly do see brighter days ahead for you all. We can be a playful bunch at times, and for this, we do apologize, if any offense is taken.

Love and peace to you all. This is Peter of The Ring of 500, Affiliates of The Pleiadian Council of Light, signing off until next time. Nemaste, our brothers and sisters.

NOTE: You may share this material, but please credit Jen Freer as the channel, and please reference as your source. Thank you.

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