The Oracle Report

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Gibbous Moon Phase

Today’s story is all about the Sun.  The Sun unleashed an X-5 solar flare yesterday and the coronal mass ejection and will reach Earth tomorrow.  The close alignment of Earth and Mars and tomorrow’s Full Moon (when the Sun and Moon are in opposition) will bring higher potential for geomagnetic effects.  This energy is already reaching us, however, amping up our emotions and the body of the Earth and will also send us back toward the aggressive Mars energy that we’ve been trying to work out of.  This will play out with people overstating their cases, saying things that are bizarre or wildly inappropriate, uncommon or even strange behavior and reactions, crying fits and extreme reactions, impulsivity that leads to accidents, having to repeat or re-do things, and such.  Solar flare energy trumps everything, but you’ll remember that yesterday I discussed how a new wave of energy is also entering, reaching a peak on March 14 (with a conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the Black Moon).  Although this wave of energy is not yet strong, it is an undercurrent that is building and we can attach or attune to it to “buffer” us from this massive solar plasmic event that is re-activating the Mars influences.  To do this today, we need to jump ahead and focus on the Venus aspect of the undercurrent.  Venus is at the degree known as “steps leading to a lawn blooming with clover” which involves hopefulness, inspirational possibilities, enlarging our vision, and harmony.  Counter any aggressive feelings with a blanket of soft emotions.  Remember that we’re practicing using our skills of imagination to keep us on firm ground this month, so visualize yourself as if you’ve morphed into a field of clover.  “Be the field of clover” as it were.  Lately, I’m stretching the bounds of what people may find practical, but you would not be reading this report if you weren’t operating outisde of the matrix, so take from this what you will and drop me a line on the Contact form if you have some success with it.  I am not able to respond to everyone (although I very much wish I could) but I read all of my mails and would love to hear from you.


Jennifer Hoffman

The Energies of March 2012

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Sunday, 4 March, 2012  (posted 6 March, 2012)

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February seemed to go by at a snail’s pace and although it’s the shortest month of the year (and we had an extra day this year), this one seemed very long. Now we’re moving into March which has a number of powerful events, including the Equinox, a continuing Mars and Saturn retrograde, Mercury retrograde and some powerful, generational aspects between all of the planets. We’re no longer at the crossroads, we’re now on the path but we have no idea what path we’re on because this is unknown territory. A theme for March will be ‘if you aren’t creating the solution you’re OK with the problem’, and there will be many opportunities to create new solutions. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Meredith Murphy

March 2012 Energy Update: Awakening Flows into Transparency

Meredith Murphy
a message from Meredith Murphy
Saturday, 3 March, 2012  (posted 6 March, 2012)

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Awakening Flows into Transparency, the Seat of Your Awareness Elevates

There are huge signs available to us now of the immense progress of our personal awakening/divine embodiment and the ascension of our planet into higher frequencies. We can see now how much of what we’ve experienced has led us to a point where we are now energized and empowered enough to focus upon creativity. It’s a joyous amazing time for any who are feeling this shift, and a powerful and encouraging sign paving the way for those in next wave and those waking up! Continue reading “Meredith Murphy”

The Oracle Report

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Gibbous Moon Phase

Today we have conflicting energies in the air.  Reverberations from the alignment of Earth and Mars, in opposition to the Sun, continue, producing the volcanic, cathartic effects that have been prevalent for a couple of weeks.  This is serving to correct the course of our lives, but it is difficult energy that is causing increased anxiety, impulsivity, and anger.  But a new wave of energy is also entering – one designed to bring a refreshing rebirth and a new perspective that will culminate on March 14th with a massive planetary alignment.  We can now re-engage and take action, whereas lately we have had to surrender to the the flow of the Universe.  The resistance will lessen as we approach March 14th, when we will receive a massive “upgrade” to our energetic bodies.  So we want to consciously connect with this newer wave today and allow the Mars energy to wane.  How to do this?  Well, as usual, we do this by concentrating our focus on the natural world around us, acknowledging our symbiotic relationship as part of it.  But here’s another way.  Strange as it sounds, take notice of things that are yellow – particularly elements of nature that are yellow, like the yellow flower in this picture.  This will automatically attune you to this refreshing wave of energy via your optic nerve.  Take notice of the world as you go about your day.  Set the intention to find yellow and each time your attention is directed toward it, remember that your connection with the Earth is strengthened.  As I’ve said many times, our conscious connection and grounding with the Earth is the only way to maintain sanity as we go through the next couple of years of chaos.  Finding yellow today sounds crazy, but it is actually quite a lucid endeavor.



Rev. Angela Peregoff

The Week Ahead: Starting to Rock 5D

a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff
Monday, 5 March, 2012

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“Humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. … If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction” – Eckhart Tolle

This week brings opportunities to feel the new matrix, the new field, of stellar assistance that is here to accompany Earth as we rock in 5th dimension. Continue reading “Rev. Angela Peregoff”

Jamye Price

The Energies of March 2012

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Monday, 5 March, 2012

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February brought a lot of stirring of issues (drama, anyone?) and March won’t necessarily feel settled, but it should feel more stable, positive and definitely different, because change is anchoring both personally and collectively.  As a Lightworker you are exemplifying a new way of Being, and that entails a new vibratory Beingness.  The changes require a mental readjustment into the Truth of unity consciousness that overrides the authority and habits of out-of-balance ego.  Your internal strength is the foundation that the new world is built upon as the singular human that you are becomes a valuable creative force of Love united with All Life. Continue reading “Jamye Price”

The Oracle Report

Monday, March 5, 2012


Gibbous Moon Phase

The alignment of Earth and Mars reaches a climax, making it imperative that we practice the art of surrender and take the plunge today.  Don’t push forward because the energies need to take their course.  The way you’ll know that you are not surrendering is when you become frustrated or when you have to do things over again.  Of all of the days this year, today is the day to let the waves take you where they will (hence the waterfall picture).  In addition to this, the Sun is erupting plasma into our electric universe, which plays on the electromagnetic fields of the body of the Earth and our bodies.  It causes events and situations to transpire in our lives.  View all of this as a massive correction that is happening to make our lives better.  Slow down and use your energy to keep your cool and contain yourself, especially with others.  You may find yourself becoming annoyed with people, impatient (especially while traveling), and overwhelmed by responsibilities.  (This energy is effecting Virgos and Pisces the strongest.  They are experiencing the most challenge, but will reap the most reward when Mars stations direct in April.)

Marlene Swetlishoff


March 4-11, 2012

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is caught up in the cleansing and clearing process which is making some of you feel that you will be stuck in this metamorphosis stage forever. Take heart, Dear Ones, for you are not alone. This is a mass clearing that is now taking place and there is no one upon the face of this Planet who is exempt from it. The higher frequency now manifesting in the atmosphere of the Earth is initiating great changes within every structure upon your Planet. Continue in your efforts to become in harmony with these energies in order to experience more grace and ease within your bodies and your daily lives. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

The Oracle Report

Saturday, March 3 – Sunday, March 4, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase/Gibbous Moon Phase

I mentioned in yesterday’s report that Mars, which is retrograde, is conjunct the position of the Earth and opposite the position of the Sun.  When planets align in conjunction or opposition, the energies cause effects on us.  In addition, when a planet is retrograde, we re-work situations.  This recipe makes for a weekend with strong potential for havoc and frustration.  If you are trying to move forward with something, understand that the energies are naturally creating resistance.  Don’t stop moving forward, but understand that your efforts will require an extraordinary amount of patience, persistance, and resilience – especially if you are forced to cooperate or work with others (and even more so if you aren’t resonating with these people).  Don’t push things.  Step back into the stance of the wise old owl and contain your own emotions and reactions.  This weekend has all the components for all sorts of breakdowns and meltdowns, but it is providing a rare, crystal clear glimpse of the reality (truth) of situations.  It will be helpful to have some time alone in order to slow down and process all of the stimuli.  Silence is golden this weekend because we are prone to saying things before we think.  If you missed yesterday’s post, you will probably want to go into the Archives and read it to round out your understanding of the energy we are under.

Julie Miller


My Beautiful Children ♥  I Love You 
Message from the Creator
Channeled by: Julie Miller
March 03, 2012

A warm round of applause to each and every one of my dear and beloved children; you have persevered when odds were stacked against you. You continue to forge ahead as the strong and capable children you are. Ah yes dear sons and daughters, it is your merciful and ever-loving Father also known as God, the Creator or the Source to others. Every moment I spend with you is a treasured moment beloved children. Never feel you are unwelcomed or unappreciated. I have seen your trials, bent down beside you as you prayed and held your hand during the darkest of your days. Each sorrowful moment is felt through me. I reciprocate those sad feelings with an intense projection of my everlasting love and divine light that will enable you to reach within yourself to the very core of your being – to your courage then to continue along the path of your incredible journey. I have lightened your way countless of times and I will continue to be the light that brings you out of the darkness and into the Light that streams from my unconditional heart. Continue reading “Julie Miller”

Dr. Suzanne Lie

10 Aspects of Ascension
1)    Downloading the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is entering us through our Crown and settling in to our opened Third Eye and High Heart.
2)    Loving that light and love so much that we can allow it to travel into the hidden darkness and fear of our deepest subconscious self.
3)    As we travel the fourth dimension of formerly unconscious self, we allow the multidimensional light to reveal and heal any hidden fear/darkness to our conscious self. With the conscious awareness of our wounding, we can learn to use the power of unconditional love to heal our wounded ego-self.
4)    Through the process of revealing and healing our fear with light and love, we learn unconditional love and detached compassion for our body, reality, experiences and persistent reactionary patterns (behaviors) that we formerly identified as our “self.”  Continue reading “Dr. Suzanne Lie”

Dr. Suzanne Lie

Please see the two former posts that do not show up on this page.

March 2 2012
Blessings from the Violet Ray of Transmutation,
            We, the Guardians of this Ray, Ascended Master St. Germain, Elohim Arcturus and Archangel Zadkiel, function as ONE Being to assist our Ascending Ones in remembering the rhythm of the Invocation of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation. The color violet has the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency of visible light in the color spectrum, and serves at the transitional vibration leading to the next octave of color and light. Continue reading “Dr. Suzanne Lie”

Dana Mrkich

March 2012 Monthly Visions: The Foreignness of Freedom

March 2012 Monthly Visions: The Foreignness of Freedom       
Earth is much like a racing car right now, foot down on the accelerator, moving forward at breakneck speed into more and more of the higher vibrational light showering down on us.  The light, and the speed with which we are entering it, is throwing off our veils and shackles faster than you can say ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto’.  Sometimes the light makes us feel overwhelmingly peaceful and blissful, when no matter what is seemingly going on in the outside world all is well in our inner domain. Other times, like the days leading up to March, we feel like hapless passengers holding onto our seatbelts for dear life, knuckles white and tight. Continue reading “Dana Mrkich”

D.L. Zeta


Choosing to Believe in the Unlimited Love and Blessings of Spirit

At a time when intentions manifest at warp speed and our every expression reflects our inner world with perfect transparency, it is a good time to visit the beliefs that determine the shape and form of the realities we manifest. Our beliefs narrow or expand our field of potentials and determine the timelines we will move along. Continue reading “D.L. Zeta”

Eckhart Tolle


Understanding Your Ego

Eckhart Tolle
a message from Eckhart Tolle
Thursday, 23 February, 2012  (posted 2 March, 2012)

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A reader asks: I’m discovering egoic compulsions that I didn’t know I had before. Is this a good thing? How does this process work within relationships?

Eckhart responds: Sometimes, with awareness, you become aware of things that were unconscious before. Then it seems as if you were becoming more egoic, when egoic patterns rise to consciousness they are suddenly observed. You’re beginning to see all the aspects of your ego that, before, you didn’t even know were there. You’ve identified so much with your reaction to patterns that you enable this approach. Continue reading “Eckhart Tolle”

The Oracle Report

Friday, March 2, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase

Today we have the choice to fight or to reason.  In fact, over the next three days, people will be easily carried away by the energy.  Mars retrograde will align with the position of the Earth and oppose the Sun.  Mercury entered Aries, the sign of The Warrior, today, and will make a conjunction with Uranus this weekend, bringing unexpected information, surprises and dramatic changes.  There is an underlying theme where our idea or sense of “home” is changing.  Where do you belong?  What is most comfortable for you?  In all truth, we are “home” wherever we are because the Earth is our home.  We just resonate differently at different locations.  But back to the notion of choosing to fight or to reason today.  Either response may be appropriate; we just have to analyze the situation and see what is called for.  Note that we are to “analyze” first  – choose – not merely react.  If you choose to fight, make sure the cause is just.  If you choose to reason, make sure your words carry power and come from the heart.  Mars is impulsive, so it will take some skill to slow down and consider things before we choose.  Keep in mind that this energy will be in effect throughout the weekend.

Brenda Hoffman

Select Your Dimension Whenever You Wish

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s February 27, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on It is likely that your recent inability to concentrate, your “fogginess” is the lifting of your dimensional veils. This “Creation Energies” show teaches you how to tune to the dimension that best meets your needs. 

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled, weekly blog at http://www.Life Tapestry ”We’re Amazed at Your Daring Do”


Dear Ones,

The shift now occurring is moving you from group to individual actions. Even though we discussed this during our radio show yesterday (www.BlogTalkRadio – Creation Energies), we wish better help you understand your direction. Continue reading “Brenda Hoffman”

Jennifer Hoffman


One Light Can Change the World

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 30 January, 2012  (posted 1 March, 2012)

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Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies of times when your efforts were limited by situations in which your light was rejected. These are often expressions of your martyr and victim consciousness, when you offered yourselves as a healing light to your soul groups knowing that they were not yet prepared for their transformation. It was never your mission to change the world, your role in the world is to shine your light in all of its expressions. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Jamye Price


Weekly LightBlast: Access Into Information

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 1 March, 2012 

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March begins with a deep connection into the communication of the Universe in which you live, breathe and create.  Your connection is enhanced as you look beyond the physical manifestation of what-is, as you feel beyond the emotional manifestation of fear and think beyond the mental manifestation of expectation.  Continue reading “Jamye Price”

Marlene Swetlishoff


 February 27, 2012

Beloved Lightworkers,

In these days you are coming together in peace, love and harmony and as you do this, the feeling of sublime joy permeates all that you do. This is most auspicious, for it shows that those who have done the work of clearing are truly beginning to emulate the energy of Love that is being beamed to the Earth from the Galactic center and other areas of the Creator’s vast oceans of life. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”