Julie Miller


Shedding Low Density Vibrations is Healing for YOUR Body, Mind and Soul

Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 23 – 30, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

March 23, 2012


Welcome beloved children of God. A most patient Master I have been, waiting for our child to be well enough to receive our needed messages. It pleases me beyond any conceivable measure to be speaking through her and to all of you.


Dearest children of God, you have been dealing with two energetic shifts existing on your planet, thus amplifying the earthly pulsation and the westernizing of momentums and energy. The intense transformation brings new energies and situations that far outweigh anything dealt with prior. Continue reading “Julie Miller”

Suzan Caroll

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arcturian Lessons Chapter 10

Arcturian Lessons

Jefferson: Dear Arcturians, thank you very much for your kindness and love. In the name of my people I am doing the best I can to get as much knowledge as I can. If I ask a question that I have already asked, will you assist me by answering it from a different perspective?
Arcturians: Dear Jeffrees, we would happily do so, as it is one of our primary goals now to assist our grounded ones in remembering their Multidimensional Perceptions. You see, you do not go across space or time to get to the fifth dimension. Fifth dimensional New Earth is right HERE, but it resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, in order to experience New Earth, you will not GO anywhere. Instead, you will raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension so that you can perceive that you are THERE NOW. Continue reading “Suzan Caroll”

Ute Posegga-Rudel



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 Beloveds, I AM Sananda!

I AM here today to bring you the message of peace and its implications. Peace is not only showing its first frail signs in your world, but is appearing now foremost in your hearts.
When you recognize this peace at first, you will perhaps be moved to consider this feeling as a sense of emptiness and you are striving to regain your familiar state of  disquiet of your mind again. This is because you are not yet at the point  where you can understand this new quality that has entered your world and your hearts.
Know that with growing acceptance of this peace or stillness in your heart, also the possibility of the ending of all wars and conflicts will grow stronger.
Now I will more closely discuss the subject of Peace.
What exactly is happening when your world seems to end in this feeling, you perceive as emptiness?
What is it empty of?
Indeed, it is empty of thought chatter, of the usual waves which constantly are wandering through your brain  which itself exists in the greater thought field.
Until now most of you were used to focus on this kind of thinking process, whereby you often are not aware, that many thoughts, crossing through your electric brain, are not “yours”.
But in fact, also this is not quite correct. In reality none of the thoughts are yours. It is only that you have chosen over time to identify with certain thought patterns which then you thought were “you”, while you gave them power through repetition!
While you identified with this personal collection of thought patterns, you created a sense of yourself. You said “I” am this! But you did  not know that this “I” identity was merely a construct of deliberate choices what you wanted to think and thereby what you wanted to be true.
But notice, that this kind of “truth” is a very superficial one and has in reality nothing to do with the real “you”. It derives its identity from the worlds created by thought waves and your intention to live a life according to these thought pattern, while thinking that your world was real.
But what it truly is, is a movie that  is not different from the movies you are liking to watch on your TV! This all is an unreal world, but you never understood this. Hence so much suffering, as the Divine Reality was not contained in this artificial world of mind.
Now, when you start to feel, what you call emptiness, you experience that your usual world is fading away. And so your familiar identity. The excitement you were searching for in this movies of your life, suddenly is not fed anymore and is empty of your familiar experiences.
But what is happening is something new and Divine and something wonderful, which you will more and more come to appreciate and finally dearly desire to continue and never to leave you again, once you have felt deeply in your heart what it really IS in the depth of your very being.
This emptiness appears as emptiness and ceasing of your usual brain waves and thought patterns only, because the fields in which they appear, are consumed by the blessings of the new light and energy which has already started to invade your world.
These new waves of light and consciousness are the messengers of this peace which is nothing else than the essence of love and pure being, a feeling that reflects the reality of infinity, timeless and space-less. It is the frequency of your own soul and Divine Inheritance. The frequency of a world that is born from the Heart of God, The-All-That-Is.
If you inquire your heart truly about this new (but ancient and always-already existing) reality you will find that the “emptiness” is the door to a satisfaction you never have experienced so far in your life.

Know that a World will be created from this new place, empty of the old thought projections, which is the depth of your heart, and which is the true and Divine World, in which you participate as soon as you no longer grieve for a lost, false identity.

Because you have never been your thoughts, you have always been your heart, the to be seat of your soul and the doorway to The-All-That-Is.
The grounds of this new world are based on indestructible Divine Conscious Light and Divine Love, it is eternal and free of the illusion of short-waved thoughts and  shadow worlds you mistakenly took for truth.
So do not regret and do not grieve and do not feel sorry, when you start to feel this emptiness, which is, as I explained,  nothing but the beginning of your rebirth in the Divine Reality. All emotions based on what you perceive as emptiness, such as depression, anger and fear, are nothing but the search for a world that does not exist, and has been always unreal. Now you are awakening to the real world, my Beloveds, so I desire to see your emerging happiness because you understand.
This is, what I longed to bring to you, my dearest ones, so that you do not stay unmovable in your unhappiness, which is merely based  on false presumptions!
Understand this and be free!
Be happy!

I AM Sananda, at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute


Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.

The Oracle Report

Saturday, March 24 – Sunday March 25, 2012


New Moon Phase

Lightning is pictured here because the Sun is making its annual conjunction with Uranus this weekend and Uranus makes us feel electrified.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing because it produces a lot of energy to accomplish things, but it can also produce a lot of anxiety and an overall “jangly” or restless feeling.  If you aren’t sleeping well, it’s Uranus.  We want to “ground” the current as much as possible by picturing ourselves firmly rooted in the Earth (like a tree).  Accompanying this energy is the feeling of being boxed in.  Uranus rules the idea of freedom, so there is conflict present already.  If you are facing conflict this weekend, remember that we are in the New Moon Phase of the New Year, which is setting up the upcoming year and making an imprint.  We are nowhere near the outcome of events, so don’t try to come to conclusion.  Just follow along and watch.  Above all, Uranus rules the unexpected.  Now that you know this, you can look at things from a different perspective.

Shelly Dressel

Creating A Conscious Change

Shelly Dressel
a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel
Sunday, 4 March, 2012  (posted 22 March, 2012)

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There are a lot of people who have been feeling frustrated with the slow changes in their lives. I keep hearing again and again of what they want, but don’t seem to have it coming in. So in this channel the Goddess addressed this and gave each us tips to use in how to create change. The main thing she said was ‘change does not come from where you are; it comes from your imagination or your creative part of your brain.’ Or something to that affect! Continue reading “Shelly Dressel”

Tony Samara

Letting Go of Old Structures

Tony Samara
a message from Tony Samara
Friday, 23 March, 2012

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In the world today people are saying to themselves, that we have had enough of the old paradigms and the old systems and we want to change. We don’t know what we want to change, we don’t know how to change but we want to change and that clarity creates a power that has a very real and powerful effect in the world. It changes what most people thought a few years ago was quite impossible to change and that is not even through conscious spiritual work, that is just through the intention being so strong that it changes and pushes away the old paradigms so that there is the possibility and the space that allows the birth of something new. Continue reading “Tony Samara”

Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Freedom From Expectation

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 22 March, 2012

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Mental March marches on! Freedom and Expectation are themes that come up repeatedly in the years of LightBlasting. The LightBlast is a channeled topic that assists Lightworkers toward empowerment, so as we heal the Self, we are supported in helping others. Freedom is necessary for open, creative flow and sharing. Expectation is a trap of limitation that is often justified by a mind that is led by egoic need. As we release expectation, we are opening to freedom and solution that was not available before. Continue reading “Jamye Price”

Celia Fenn

MARCH 2012



Thursday 22nd March : Finding the Beauty and Harmony : So here we are…on the other side of the Equinox. Yes, it was a huge shift in energies as we embrace the new flow of energy that will take us to the December portal and further. Certainly, I am happy that we were able to hold the energy and that all the dire predictions of doom and gloom did not come true. Is it not exciting that we are maturing into our role as Earth Keepers, and that we are able to find that point of balance within ourselves that also manifests as balance in the outer world.

Archangel Michael has reminded me that we are moving towards our first big alignment of the Year, the Venus Transit on the 6th of June. The first Venus Transit in 2004 was a trigger point for many of the shifts and changes that we have experienced in the last few years and that have brought us to this point. We can expect that this second Venus transit will also be a trigger point for more shifts as we head into our date with destiny in December. Venus is the Solar System body that connects us with the vibration of Love and Beauty and the Divine Feminine. At this time, these energies are rising on the Earth, and we are being drawn towards expressing Love and Beauty in our Lives. Anything that is not aligned in frequency with these rising frequencies is going to come under stress at this time. Continue reading “Celia Fenn”

Brenda Hoffman

Manifesting is no Longer “Work”

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Special Event – Sunday March 25:

  • Brenda is channeling about the topic “Are You Feeling it Yet?” 3 pm Sunday March 25 – a break-out session of the three-day Greenville Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness. A Festival pass – which includes break-out sessions – is $15. For more information, call 864-233-3033.

Summary of Brenda’s March 18, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on www.BlogTalkRadio.com: Because of this week’s earth shift, fearful issues will feel of the Old Age allowing you to create a more joyful life. 

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled, weekly blog at www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: ”You Won’t Understand the New Earth Using Yesterday’s Spirituality”

Dear Ones,

Does life not seem a bit lazy and easy? So it is that this week’s energy shift is encouraging you to transition from outer-directed to inner-directed manifestation or creation.

It is as if a peaceful, gentle, easy-going net has dropped over the earth. That which seemed difficult and fearful just a few hours ago no longer seems that important. You are beginning to allow yourself to feel as if all will be easily completed when appropriate. Continue reading “Brenda Hoffman”

Angela Peregoff

The Week Ahead: Replacement Parts Coming In

a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff
Monday, 19 March, 2012

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The nature of infinity is this: That everything has its own vortex, and when once a traveler through Eternity has pass’d that Vortex, he perceives it roll backward behind his path, into a globe itself unfolding like a sun …” – William Blake.

The cosmos are in tune with our human psyche as it continues to gear up with an energetic momentum that puts us through the shenanigans of arriving in a new land of multidimensionality. Since the beginning of the month we have been adjusting to the universal reformulation and filtration of planetary grids and ley lines. These naturally occurring magnetic conductors of upwelling energies are delivering powerful currents of Light codes that have not been available to Gaia (earth) or her inhabitants for approximately 25,000 years. Continue reading “Angela Peregoff”

The Oracle Report

Monday, March 19, 2012


Balsamic Moon Phase

On the last day of Pisces, we feel the approach of an energetic shift.  Balsamic Moon Phase is the “in-between” phase, not part of the last lunar month, but also not exactly part of the next of the lunar month.  It is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and our connection to higher spiritual forces is greatest.  Pisces and Balsamic phases are both ruled by Neptune, the dreamy, spiritual planet.  Over the next three days, we will transition from the last astrological year into the new astrological year.  It is a time for mental and spiritual preparation for “the new” to enter.  We were “spiritually primed” or “upgraded” last week to be able to take on a deeper role in our journey.  Our connection with the planet can now be deeper and our co-creation of the dream of life is wider.  This translates into increased psychic awareness and a stronger energetic “shield” to protect us from the harsher effects of people who are losing their minds in the midst of the chaos.  We know that we remain sane through our grounding with the Earth.

Today is the last day we have of the soft Piscean energy because tomorrow we lurch into the headstrong forces of Aries.  You can swim through the day, taking in the beauty that is all around you (like the fishes in this picture) and/or you can gently sway with the currents (like the corals in this picture).  The idea here is to slow down and flow.  People will be in their own worlds more than normal today, so don’t get frustrated if you feel like you aren’t being heard.  It will be harder to get people’s attention.  Just roam around in your own little world.  Don’t worry about it if you need to accomplish something because things will pick up tomorrow.  But higher forces are listening, so tune into that slower frequency and be a part of something much greater and much grander than yourself.  Remember who you really are.


Ute Posegga-Rudel



this is a time where everything is heating up!
There is much disinformation everywhere, some aimed to create confusion, and so we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Listen with your heart!

In this chaos of uncertainty, it cannot enough to be emphasized, to stay in the center of the cyclone, which is our own heart. This is the main message and the absolute indispensable necessity at this time, to sail safely through the waters of turmoil and contradictory messages, regardless what the messages are about! Continue reading “Ute Posegga-Rudel”

Maureen Quinn

Saturday, March 17, 2012

BRIGID: Golden Light & Culmination

Greetings my dear friends,

It has been a full year since last I shared with you in this way. What a year it has been! I am in the process of writing about my experiences and the changes that have occurred during these last 12 months and will share all of that in an upcoming post. Today however, on St. Patrick’s Day, I am feeling inspired not to wait any longer and simply go ahead and share this encouraging message from Brigid that came through in our conversation last evening.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all, and may the blessings of Brigid and the Irish be with everyone always!

~ ~ ~ Brigid’s Message:

Friday March 16, 2012

Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! I thank you for the invitation to come in and join you on this eve of your celebration of St Patrick’s Day, a day associated with celebrating the Irish and all of Celtic spirit and culture and history and wisdom. I am Brigid, known to you as an ancient Celtic goddess, known in the Catholic church as St Brigid, and known to those of you who are aware of the flows of energy that make up this universe as one of the many forms of the Divine Feminine. Continue reading “Maureen Quinn”

The Oracle Report

Saturday, March 17 – Sunday, March 18, 2012


Third Quarter Moon Phase

Of the two days this weekend, Saturday’s energy flows much more smoothly, so we want to take advantage of it and enjoy!  Sunday is when things become more complex.  The key to managing Sunday’s events is breaking things down into smaller pieces or components. We want to look at things as if they are on a spectrum and not become locked into a rigid set of rules or parameters.  Mercury, which is retrograde, and Uranus will make a conjunction (in Aries) so be extra-cautious with electrical devices and flames and also while driving.  Electronics will be prone to give us trouble also.  When Mercury and Uranus make a conjunction we often receive unexpected information and messages.  If you experience this, it is an important set-up for the year to come.  It will set a tone and unfold progressively.  Remember that we are in the last days of the waning year, so we want to leave behind anything that we don’t want to carry forward (like a mindset or fear).

The Oracle Report

Friday, March 16, 2012

Third Quarter Moon Phase

Today the prevailing feeling is one of lack.  We are drawn toward thinking about all the things we feel we don’t have enough of – the things we lack in abundance.  Most likely these are material things or other things that bring us a sense of security.  This is a by-product of the astrological effects that have been so strong this week and the intensity of the feeling will weaken by tomorrow.  For today, if this is something that is causing you distress, remember that true abundance comes only from the abundance of Spirit.  In the end, all other things are meaningless.  Re-focus your attention on the abundance of the natural world around you and it will lighten your mood.  This is grumpy energy that causes jealousy and strife and we don’t need to carry this around with us today.


Sarah Jane Grace

The Latest Whispering from The Planet Whisperer Blog

Raging at the Moon – March 13th 2012

Not the Moon’s fault, of course, but all of this pent up emotion has to go somewhere! The whirlwind of emotions that seem to be encircling and consuming each of us at the current time feels overwhelming; suffocating almost. Some days, the intensity is so profound that we can feel bereft one moment and euphoric the next, and living with such extremes can make life feel exhausting. Continue reading “Sarah Jane Grace”

Pamela Kribbe

The Simplicity of Life

Pamela Kribbe
a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe
Thursday, 15 March, 2012

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Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. It is with great joy in my heart that I am here connecting with you. I love you deeply and I am connected to you like a brother. I was human like you are, I know all the struggles you go through as a human being. I know them from within, I was not a saint. I was human and I had a connection to the light, but I also experienced pain and doubt in my life and that is why I can connect to you so deeply. We are one. Continue reading “Pamela Kribbe”

Julie Miller

15 March 2012 – 6:33pm |  Acaana

A Blanket of Compassion and Mercy
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin
Channeled by: Julie Miller
March 15, 2012

Dear Blessed Hearts, I came to this child a few days ago during a moment of intense pain she was experiencing and covered her with a blanket of mercy and compassion. She has served us of the divine selflessly and it was only fitting we came to her aid and now she is back once again receiving and delivering the much needed messages the Divine Creator, otherwise known as God to some has given her to do. Your sister, blessed hearts is as much a part of you as you are a part of her. All of you are children of God, just as she and all of you are equally loved by me, and by all the great spirits of the Divine Kingdom. Continue reading “Julie Miller”