Karen Doonan

Triangulum, 31st March

We are here to guide and support and to introduce our energies to YOU here on planet earth. We are the BEings from the star system named TRIANGULUM by your peoples. We are stepping forward to show our support and our LOVE for those on planet earth. We guide through our channel to confirm to those who have already conversed with us that we are TRUTH and that we ARE.
We ask for all who are able to resonate with our energies to join us in council for the new is now unfolding and that which YOU ARE is NOW. We ask those who are called to respond and to prepare to remember for all is NOW and the time is NOW, do you heed our call?
We stand shoulder to shoulder with ALL for ALL ARE ONE and all are now ready to help support and guide the new into BEing on planet earth. The consciousness on planet earth now reaching a level at which the new is now FELT and is BEing anchored. We ask that those who are challenged by our words look within, all that prevents the words from being remembered are the veils that are in place around your hearts, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.
We come to help and to harmonise that which is needed now on planet earth. The vibration of many are now rising to unlock the level of SELF which is now moving into BEing. The rainbow warriors of old are the rainbow children of the new and they now begin to shine in all their splendid colours. We are here to harmonise the colours of the rainbow children with ALL for ALL ARE ONE. The colours of the rainbows here on earth are the colours of the peoples of the universe, vibrationally the harmonisation must now begin to align planet earth with the universe, once this is done then those who are awakening on planet earth will be able to remember at deepening levels. ALL is within, ALL is to be remembered, the teachings of distortion on planet earth there to persuade self that all is learned, we ask YOU to detach from this. YOU are here for a reason, that reason is merely remembered.
It is the human part of self that is trying to persuade you that all is not as it IS, that all is somehow duality and that all is to be learned and grasped. The SELF part of YOU is the part that is now BEing revealed and as YOU reveal SELF YOU remember. It is those memories that will SHOW YOU who you are and why you are here. Logic plays no part in the unfolding of the new, if it was to be learnt why would it be called the NEW?
We ask for you to read our words and process them through the heart for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. The mind does not and yet many are still within the mind, believing that if they read more words by other humans who state they KNOW then somehow they will advance beyond where they are. How do you KNOW that the other human KNOWS? How can another KNOW YOU? for they are not you, do you understand our guidance and our meaning?
YOU know YOU and that KNOWING comes from the source that is YOU, it can only come from SOURCE for that is where YOU are from. Yet many are allowing those around them to show them a SOURCE and state it is their SOURCE. We ask for you to look at this and process through the heart. The vastness of the universe that planet earth resides within is so huge it is impossible for the human mind alone to conceive of it. The heart is the route to ALL for the heart is the connection to ALL. The mind is but the organ you use to process that which YOU KNOW but if you allow the mind to show the heart you place a limit on what is processed. The heart KNOWS in a way that the mind is unable to conceive so why let the mind rule your life journey?
To allow another to show YOU SOURCE and you to accept SOURCE without processing allows the mind to convince you that you are what you are not. ALL come from SOURCE but here on planet earth SOURCE is defined, there are no definitions for ALL ARE ONE. We ask why you would define SOURCE when you are an infinite BEing of light? We would ask how any human
can define SOURCE in human form for the human form is a limiting vehicle, it is this limiting vehicle that you are now in the process of ascending from. By this we mean that the process of ascension is but harmonising the KNOWING with the human mind and body. In pure form YOU KNOW, in human incarnation YOU need only remember.
The veils are now dissolving and the frustration of many within the human race is increasing, this is borne from the logical mind and not from the heart. Many are now talking the words that mirror KNOWING but they have not anchored KNOWING, to anchor KNOWING is to walk in peace and walk in SELF, do you walk in SELF?
We are not here to judge for that is not the role of any realm or race that is here in this moment guiding and supporting. It is not a guide who judges nor a support who judges for we are not YOU yet we are YOU and YOU are we. We are not bound by the human form in which you have incarnated yet we clearly see and FEEL the frustration that is borne of this. TRUTH is always in the heart yet many are so far removed from the heart that they believe the smoke and mirrors created by a human mind that is not connected to TRUTH. Do you see our guidance? Our analogy?
To walk in words is not walking in TRUTH for TRUTH is not something that is written in words it is FELT, it is an emotion, it is the LOVE that IS that flows across and within each BEing in the universe and beyond. An emotion that cannot be expressed in words alone. The reason our channel is moved to emotions is through the experience of our energies, for she FEELS, we ask that YOU allow SELF to FEEL. The route to ascension is not through words on a page alone, it is through revealing the emotions and the KNOWING to SELF. We ask for all who can heed our call to attend the councils for the councils are now in session. We ask for all who are able to heed our words and FEEL TRUTH to attend for the next level of creation is beginning.
The human race is now moving beyond that which is KNOW in human form, yet many are recycling what is known and using different words. It is the KNOWING that will show TRUTH and not the words, for you now move beyond the human language, another veil placed upon the earth to keep the vibration of the human race at a low ebb. Language transcends the human mind, for the language of the stars is beyond the human language. We are all BEings that share for we are all ONE. We channel through our channel in English for that is the language into which she was borne and is but one language of the human race but we hold the space for her to remember her original language, one that transcends the human language taught to her in human form. As she remembers her original language she is able to converse with all realms and races at a deeper and deeper level. The need for the human language she has been taught negated. We ask all who are ready to move to this level to join council and to remember.
We guide this not to trigger yet we are aware that we will trigger. It is remembrance only and that is the key, to remember you have to go within that is all. To try to force the memories will see you chase shadows, for the vibration that you hold is the key to the memory. Human minds will try to teach WILL, they will try to teach you to act akin to a human child who is not getting their own way, thus lowering the vibration and causing more frustration. Connection to the heart is the key, it is simple, it is so simple that is it not seen by many. The road to SELF is within, it is BEing, it is dissolving what you have been taught in order to remember what YOU KNOW.
There is not fast track to SELF, the speed of unveiling of SELF is determined by BEing. In the human world their exists a script of speed, of “having” of “needing”, this is the script that needs dissolved before TRUTH is able to be anchored. For the script of “having” and “needing” will lower your vibration and cultivate the frustration that is alive in many at this moment. The script implanted into human consciousness as a way of containing and suppressing. It is the
teachings of distortion that are keeping self from SELF, to dissolve you must first of all be able to see them and then be able to dissolve. The key to dissolving is FAITH and TRUST in SELF. For YOU came here to this planet in this human form KNOWING this was the challenge. YOU did not leave you in the dark, you left YOU in plain sight, that which is stopping you from YOU are merely the scripts and teachings of distortion that YOU KNEW would be on this planet prior to your incarnation. YOU left the signposts in the forms of people, places and events within this human life experience in order for YOU to remember. We ask all who are beginning to remember to step forward. If you resonate with our words, with our guidance then we are the signpost that you need at this time. If you do not resonate then it is not this moment, another signpost will reveal itself to YOU.
This is not logical, it is illogical and that is why so many struggle for the script that is anchored on incarnation onto this planet is logic. That is the biggest challenge for many in human form. The human mind was never created to rule the heart, it was merely a teaching of distortion to keep YOU from you by the BEings who sought to control and contain. Their legacy lives still if you allow the mind to tell you TRUTH and ignore the heart that will SHOW YOU TRUTH..
We ask all to move into the heart, do not merely accept our words, FEEL them, open the heart and connect to the family that YOU ARE and FEEL TRUTH. For the new is unfolding at ever increasing rates, determined by the ability of those in human form to anchor TRUTH. Simply go within and connect, all else will flow if you allow the heart to speak and to silence the human mind. Allow it to create FOR YOU by allowing the heart to reveal TRUTH.
We are the BEings from the star system Triangulum and we walk with YOU now as YOU begin to move out of human form alone and begin to anchor TRUTH at the level that will allow YOU to see ALL. We will guide at will, until we communicate again we wish you lightness of step on a breeze that carries YOU home to TRUTH.
Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated.

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