Karen Doonan

The Realms Message for the 29th of March

We are here to guide and support the human race and teach them how to breathe again for we are the tree realms and we guide that we have forgiven those who have hunted us, who have cut us down for profit and who have hunted us for our gifts. We extend the LOVE that IS to all humans as many acted out of necessity, believing the teachings of distortion that money is all powerful and that greed and lust is the way forward on a planet that was slowly destroying itself.
We have stood amongst you for aeons, clearing the air for you to breathe and sheltering you from the wind and rain, silent watchers keeping guard over the human race. We now make a stand to allow you to reach out to us for we see you struggle to breathe in the face of all the changes that are now rapidly sweeping across and within the planet earth. We ask that you take a moment to connect to us for we LOVE YOU as all are ONE.
We stand in the ground and we connect deeply with mother earth, we reach our branches up to the skies and converse with all who are around you and beyond, we are here to hold you up in the storms that now rage within your BEing, as you begin to realise who you and why you are here. The storms may rage, the rain my lash within you but you are safe dear ones and we are here to protect you at all times.
We ask that you take note of the tree or trees that call to you at this time. We carry the medicines that you need, we carry the knowledge and the shelter you may need and we willing give this to you to allow you to embrace the new. Our job always as sentinels to the human race, a race denied its heritage and plundered by those who sought to contain and suppress. We pour the LOVE that IS from our branches and out throughout the world, we ask that you take a moment to breathe and to FEEL our LOVE for YOU.
The tree kingdom wishes to reach out so that you may feel that you are not alone. As you walk amongst our forests and past our branches we slowly weep with you, for many take a walk in nature and allow the emotions that are swirling around inside of them a release. Know that when you hug our trunks and our branches that we hug you back. We have stood the test of time and we ask that you take a moment to reflect on how our realm has helped you over your life journey. We ask for you to remember us in your dreams and we ask you to remember us in your waking life also.
Use our oils and our powders to help you when you feel lost, reach out to us and whisper your worries to us for we will send our reply back to you in your vision and dreamtime. We wave in the wind but often you do not see us. We ask that you look again as you walk through the woods and along the forested paths. We ask that you look at us as the friends and family that we are for ALL ARE ONE.
Many are now able to see us and all that we do but many are blind and it is to those who are blind we reach out. Weather the storms that are now showing you YOU and reach out to us. Learn to bend in the wind and learn to weather the storms for after a storm the rainbow appears and the sun once more brushes your skin. The internal weather that you are experiencing but a deep cleansing of all that is, to all YOU to BE.
We ask that you take a walk in the fresh air often and that you pour out your troubles to the tree realms for we are here for YOU. We may not sit down and converse with you akin to a human but we have a strength that has seen us live for centuries and we shower you with this strength. Stand next to us and push your roots down into mother earth and listen to your mother for she weeps for you. She has lost so many children who now wander the planet alone and afraid. She reaches out to them for them to ignore her and to believe the
teachings of illusion that all are alone. She tries to send her messengers to them but again they do not see, for their eyes are blinded by the teachings of illusion that tell them that only humans live on planet earth. We are part of a wider realm that is now reaching out to humans of all ages. We can reach the children for they are not blind but the older humans have left their dreams at our feet and we call to them to come back to retrieve them.
The dreams you dreamt when you were but a child now call to you across the universe, do you hear them? do you rest your head and dream the dreams of a child or do you walk the corridors of the mists of illusion? The choice always yours and we reach out to all humans in their hour of need. We are alive, we are with you and we LOVE YOU. Do you hear us? Do you see us move in the wind and smile at you?
We ask for you to visit nature and allow mother nature to comfort you in your hour or need. Lay on the grass and listen to your mothers heart beat for it will comfort you. Lay under our shade on a summers day and allow the smells and the sounds of nature to help release that which is inside of you, for the memories are now stirring.
We reach out through our channel to ask humankind to remember that they are a child of nature, a child of mother earth and all earths creatures now send out their LOVE to ALL on planet earth. Allow the birds to call to you for their song will reach into your heart and pull the dreams you have buried to the surface. Watch as the creatures of the wild scurry past and pause to send you the LOVE that IS before moving into the undergrowth. Take note of the messengers that mother earth sends to you for you may have forgotten you are a child of nature but your mother ever calls to you. She misses you and she asks for you to come home, remember the LOVE that she has for you and to remember that ALL ARE ONE.
Breathe with us now, breathe deeply and remember. Detach from the teachings of distortion that teach you to ignore that which you are and become as a child once more. Walk barefoot in the grass and run with the wind in your hair. We welcome back all who remember and we reach out to those who are on the edge of the memories. Become as a child and dream dear ones for the dreaming is real as we are real, for ALL ARE ONE.
As the energies begin to heighten more and more humans will feel wrapped in the frustration of what to do next. We ask that you come and talk to us, reach out to us and remember, for we are here for you. We will not interrupt you, we will not talk down to you, we will listen to you, we will be the mirror that you need to see the beauty that is YOU.
We step back now beloved children of planet earth and we send our LOVE through the very air that you breathe. Remember us for we are you and you are we for ALL ARE ONE.
Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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